Friday, July 5, 2013

Blogs I Love

Writing comes from the heart,
 And the heart beats life.
I have had a desire to do a post where I feature a new blog
 in each segment of a time frame.
 I will choose a new one from those blogs I love to read.
It is such a joy to read and to respond to those blogs
 that have nourished me.
   Some of them have made me laugh and a few times
 even shed a tear.
Some have inspired me to create,
 And called me to overcome in my hard times.
I have been challenged and convicted.
I desire to live and grow and to share my heart.
My heart is to speak life and to share the goodness;
So I humbly  respond to the Lord;
For He says promotion comes not
from the east or the west,
But from the Lord.
Now featuring the blogs I love.
Tomorrow is only a day away!


  1. Roxy- That sounds like a great idea. I have thought of doing that myself in the past but never did anything about it. Now that song is running through my head "Tomorrow, Tomorrow, It's only a day away!" xo Diana

  2. That's beautiful Roxy. I always find myself uplifted, encouraged, inspired and cheered by blogs each day. I do not have much time to blog myself recently, but I so enjoy visiting these blogs when I get a chance

    Lesley x


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