Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Different Shades Of Blue, Baby Blues, Seasonal Blues...

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Alas, another one down and a new one has begun!
Seeing the huge lake before us can seem all the same.
But I can assure you each different wave has a different angle.
The different shades of blue can change with the wind directions.

Blue is such a lovely color, soft , soothing and refreshing!

But there is a blue feeling that can come with changes;
We have all been aware of that feeling!
It is real and can take the wind right out of one's sail...
We are not boats dear ones,
But rather real lives with ups and downs.
Changes and circumstances will come!

I want to bring an awareness to a couple different
 Blue Feelings one might experience.

Firstly, I want to mention what a women might experience,
After a birth of a child!
Now this is a form of a hormonal change in the body.
It can make you feel like crying and no energy.
This is a very real physical situation!
We must deal with it on the spiritual level;
Through prayer and Bible study
This can help immensely!
But this is a medical condition!
Please contact your Doctor and get help!
Do not just try to work this out on your own.
Yes, you can give it a few days, but if the symptoms
Are getting worst, get HELP...

The other BLUES is a life change!
A death of a spouse or a child or a friend!
Also a location move for yourself or a loved one!
Also lets not forget a Womens change in life!

This is an emotional change or shock to our hearts.
We can nosedive with this one rather quickly.
Talk with someone, ask them for support!
Pray and ask for prayer.
These are burdens we are not meant to carry.

Sometimes people who have never taken any kind of
Medication, may need something!
God made doctors and discovery of medicines.
I hope and pray we have debunked the myth that you are
weak if you depend on something that will help!

I think we as women are called to love and support each other.
And we must remember we are spirit and soul
(Mind, will and emotions)

Jesus came that we might be whole.
So be aware of those around you!
Be a help to them and pray.
Give wise counsel
Tell them to go to a Doctor or a Godly counselor!

This world has brought much fear and sin upon itself and we
ALL will be affected by it!

But we can walk these things out personally and to help others!

( I am not having a problem myself,
 But, I see and hear about sisters in the Body of Christ)

Am I my Brother's keeper?


  1. I really appreciate your message Roxy. I am a women's ministry leader and you're so right about loving and supporting one another. Indeed life's changes are sometimes very difficult but the good Lord never leads us where His grace can't keep us.

  2. Blue is such a soothing color, but having the blues is not quite so soothing. Wonderful post Roxy! Opening our hearts to the Lord is the best way of overcoming the blues!

  3. Encouragement from others is so important when you find yourself in the midst of the "blues" but it's most helpful when that encouragement is based on God's word and promises. I also have to agree with the other point, that sometimes we might need some medical assist to get help to get us through a low period (like you mentioned sometimes a physical problem may be at the root of those "blues") Thanks for being a blessing rOXY

  4. I am so happy to read this Roxy.
    So many times we are told to pray the blues away, and if we cannot, we are weak in our faith.
    It's nice to hear that God has indeed created doctors to assist us in our low periods...after all, He is the Great Physician! Sometimes we might need medical help added to our prayer, and support from other Christians, and that's okay.
    As long as we realize WHO is in control.
    Love you girl!


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