Saturday, October 25, 2014

Love Letters...

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Seasons will come and go as we are all very aware of this!
But sometimes we just need to hang on to those words or memories.

Can you just close your eyes and see those sweet faces or places;
Of the past of days or years.

People and places and even a song;
can trigger a memory that can still captivate your heart!

We need new eyes each day to explore the gifts just waiting for us!
Yet having a treasure kept in the back of a drawer;
Or a pressed leaf or flower in the pages of your Bible!

May we not become blind and deaf in those sights and sounds,
Of our children giggling and playing.
Or your Husband sitting in his chair saying the evening grace.
These are powerful gifts God has given us!

These glimpses of the days that have come and gone;
They are treasures for us to pull out and to ponder.
As Mary did with Jesus.

But, I feel an excitement to hear and see with a new enthusiasm!
Do not become bored with your life and those in your family!
Live like today is the most precious day of them all!

Wake up!
Can you just hear with ears attuned to the song that God is
Singing over you...
Why does God say so many times a warning of these words?
"Those that have ears to hear"

I will not be one of those who will not hear the whole council,
Of God's Word of truth!

Stop cheating yourself and see that we are all being lulled to sleep!

Stop taking scripture out of context!
 Yes, God can give you a special promise for a crisis!
(Believe me He is God)
But let's not make a new doctrine from one scripture...

God is a God of providence;
Not chance...

When I look back and see the hand of God in my life;
And how He is orchestrating things!

This is why God always reminded us on how He did what he did for Israel!
Our Hope is in His return.
Find the promises that are for the believers today!
He gave us such an amazing truth!
They are His love letters to us!
Stop reading between the lines;

(That is where the church gets itself in trouble)

Love Letters
Read His today...


  1. Recently a broadcaster interviewed two pastors on Ferguson, Missouri. "If the evidence proves such-and-such, will you believe it?"

    "No," they replied, "because it will depend on who's interpreting it."

    Truth is truth. There is no interpretation of it, translation of it. If the Bible says, "It's a shame," then it's a shame. If It says, "Do not," then do not. If It says, "Do this and you'll be blessed," don't wonder why you're blessed.

    God's Word is forever settled, and oh! I'm so glad I have the liberty and freedom to choose to love and live and obey His Word!

    Great words from you today, Roxy!

    Hugs and happy Aloha from Hawai'i,

  2. Amen :) My thoughts were echoed similarly on my blog this past week!

  3. Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Context is king and it is upsetting to me when people take away things from the Bible to misuse in their own way. I agree that we need to hold on to and claim His promises, but always in the context of the whole counsel of His Word and His will!
    Yes. Life is precious and each day is such a gift.

  5. Waking up! Amen my sweet sister! Taking Scripture out of context tends to happen so much...but yet, like Kelley shared - God's Word is forever and it is settled!!!! What joy to know this and live life fully! :)

  6. Beautiful images, Roxy, both with your camera AND your words!

  7. I absolutely HATE it when people take the word of God and twist it to serve their own purposes..and it happens all the time-even by "men of God". Good post- xo Diana


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