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Weakness And Strengths

You will never be transformed by continually looking at your own shortcomings,
never !
Nor will you ever be transformed by looking at the weakness of
your fellow christian.

"You will only be conformed by continually looking upon the glory
of the Lord Jesus-"

For they who live looking and beholding , though they know it not,
are being"changed from glory to glory by the spirit of God"

God will use both your weaknesses and strengths!
We are beautiful and with a purpose He has ordained!

When a trial comes hard and fast;
I feel the axle of my being wanting to tilt.
But I have been practicing to stay upright.
Remember those Weeble people?
They might weeble, but they won't fall down.

Do you feel more aware of your shortcomings?
I have had to ask myself, is this the enemy taunting me?
For I know the ways of the spirit, gently woos and shows me!

When I am in sin, He convicts me strongly;
That whisper that shows you are wrong.
Obey quickly...

I get tired of the enemy pointing out my shortcomings!
(Like I am not already aware of them)

My Hubby and I need to re-connect after we were slam blasted
with trauma and worry!

But, God is gracious and has helped us once again!

Sometimes we need to just go out for a meal together!
Hold hands, and count your blessings.
Pray for all those who are in need of prayer!
Do a kind deed for someone!

I desire to be a kind and gracious women;
But we all can feel the strain and stress of life's struggles!

Do we give up?
No, we never give up!
Keep looking into His word;
Lay your burdens down!
He knows we are but dust...

We must remind ourselves that we are just passing through!
We can't live in the short stop;
But rather the long haul!
From Glory to Glory

Be beautiful inside and out, as you are a special treasure!


  1. Thanks, dear Roxy, for godly advice and encouragement today.

    Hugs and happy week,

  2. Thank-you for sharing this. I try to be beautiful inside and out. Some days that's harder than others though. :(

  3. Thank you Roxy for yiur kind words of encouragement. It is nice to go out to dinner from time to time with your husband. I hope you have a wonderful week.

  4. Such good advice. Lovely teapot too! Hope you are doing well! I will send you the link soon of the tea cozies. They are so pretty. I was admiring them today.
    Hugs, Sherry

  5. Oh I so needed to read this... "Keep looking into His word; lay your burdens down!" Thank you for sharing this. <3

  6. Wonderful advice, Roxy. I love that teapot, too. xo Diana

  7. Thank you, Roxy, your words are divinely touched. You are a true blessing!

    Much love, Joy

  8. Thank you for this beautiful post, dear Roxy. Every word is so true...we can be our own worst enemies sometimes. God's grace is an amazing thing. I pray that your family is recovering well from the events of last week. Our Lord has a wonderful way of helping us recover quickly, I have found. Bless you and yours!

  9. As I told another blogger, I am trying to speak life into myself and others. It truly is God's will. Proverbs says we hold the power of life and death in our words. To do this, I have to keep my mind stayed on Him. Thanks for your words that speak life.

  10. Hi Roxy ... as I read your words, all I could think of was that hymn, 'turn your eyes upon Jesus.'

    Thanks for taking me there today!Blessings as we make our way through this week ...

  11. We all need to be encouraged with His Word. I am so glad that you are able to connect with me just when I need it, Roxy. God uses you to lift my spirit. Thank you for being submissive, and the vessel to carry His message to my heart..exactly when I need to hear it!!
    Love you girl!

  12. As I was reading your words, I knew it was your experience that you were writing about.
    I think it is very wise to reconnect with your spouse after an ordeal, of any kind.
    Blessings to you and your family!
    God is good!

  13. Roxy, You will never know how much I needed to read this post today. Thank you!

  14. Dear friend of mine, I can always count on you to teach and encourage me. You are truly a woman of godliness and I praise Jesus for allowing us to meet throught blogging - maybe someday soon we can meet face-to-face :)

    Thank you for these words of wisdom - I needed them. Sending my love your way!

  15. Thanks for the reminder. The enemy does like to get us down and try to endlessly remind us of our shortcomings...but you're right, we cannot grow if we focus on those.

  16. Your family went through quite an ordeal, sometimes after living through something like that you need time away to get refreshed and it can be as simple as getting out for a meal together. Your words are always so encouraging Roxy, they are full of truth

  17. I always enjoy your encouragements.
    Thank you for sharing your heart.


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