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I must say that unless it has been recorded, we cannot be sure of
Exactly what someone may have said.

We talk so much in just an average day, that sometimes
we can forget a name or time or date.
And even some very pertinent facts of a story.

My heart goes out to so many people;
And we need to try to get the details straight.
But, we can be in danger of repeating things that should not be repeated.

I want to be slow to speak and quick to hear;
But I think it tends to be the other way around!

I sometimes think of that very disrespectful saying that goes,
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
Now, would that hold up in the courts of this land?
Well, maybe...
My point is this we must realize we can really add our personal
Feelings or thoughts on something
 And at times it can be perfectly fine.

But we mostly can be adding fuel to a fire!

Have you ever been so sorry that you opened your mouth?

Speaking is a privilege, not the freedom we make it!
Freedom of speech is something God has given us!
But it comes with responsibility!

May we all try harder to get our facts straight;
Or tell someone I don't want to answer that.
Maybe you should talk to the source.

We all need auto correct;
Oh wait, that could also get you into trouble,
As even with that we cannot be certain of what is really trying to be conveyed!

Well, you must all really want MY opinion on every matter!
After many years of being a bit different!
I have learned that this world is not waiting to hear what I think!
My opinion is just that;
MY opinion!

But we need to speak truth in love;
I have been trying a little experiment,
When I am giving what I believe is what the situation calls for,
I have not been looking into the person's face, but rather speaking
 Slowly and gently and looking at my hands or out a window.
 It has seemed to stop some of the confrontation that sparks!
May our words bring light!

This world is just looking for a fight!
Our battle is not with people, it just seems that way!

Choose your words and battles wisely...

I think the only Verbatim we will see is when God looks at
Every word we have spoken


  1. When my husband did not believe in the same spiritual believes as I, most of our conversations ended up as "God" discussions. Which in turn became very heated and words were said that once out there, could not be erased.

    As I began to pray for my husband, I realized that I needed to pray for myself so much more....a kind word turns away wrath. It does work!

  2. I am much better at this now than I did years ago. I am more slow to speak and better at listening. I think youth has a lot to do with people "speaking their minds".

    Oh- to be perfect!! xo Diana

  3. Like Mari and Diana, I am learning as I get older to refrain and bridle my tongue more than I did when I was younger. Prayer for myself has been a helpful tool, and praying the Word is even better. Mother was such a godly model in this regard, but I'm afraid as Mother has aged, it's become more tempting for her to "say what she thinks." So no matter our age or season, as long as there's breath in our lungs, "verbatim" will be a struggle, especially for me! Lol!

    Hugs and happy weekend,

  4. I have often wished that I had inherited my sweet mother's meekness...she rarely uttered a harsh word or response. Instead I was "blessed" with my father's opinionated, sometimes self-righteous, fun-loving, sometimes loud (the list could go on and on) attributes. I know God made me who I am, although through my relationship with His Son, I am learning day by day to watch my words, thinking more before I speak...I haven't arrived at my destination though. Thank you for this great reminder, Roxy.

  5. It's a bit frightening to think of answering God about every word. Thank God for Jesus!

  6. Wise words Roxy! Often things get blown way out of context. We are all so different and see and hear things differently. I agree that we need to always be kind and say very little. People remember a good listener better than a big talker. lol!

  7. I love this post Rox; it is something that is always right in my thoughts. So much destruction to lives from words…I think of what James said about how a forest can be set on fire by such a small spark… and of course he was correlating the tongue. I 've been the victim of it, and I know I have said things when I shouldn't as well. It is my hearts desire to be so careful and gentle, I don't always accomplish it, but I keep working on it.
    Love and blessings,

  8. I think on these things quite often. You are correct - we speak so often without thinking. I know I sometimes leave the company of friends and ponder on my way home some of the things that were said. And yes, sometimes in am sorry I opened my mouth.

  9. We have the Holy Spirit to check our heart but the silence button is on too many times.

    Thanks as always for the thought provoking words.


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