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A Dolly For Christmas...

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When I was a little girl we played house!
All the time we played house!
Being the Mommy and having a baby to care for!
We were able to dress them and hold them.
Feed them and rock them to sleep!
Putting them to bed and tucking the blankets around them.

And having a stroller to push them around in was the supreme!
And having a baby crib was the best...
Having a little diaper bag filled with bottles and blankets!

Do we still have little girls asking for a new baby doll for Christmas?

Do we see little girls playing house?

Are little girls desiring to still be Mommies?

I never even see commercials that promote the new
"Real live looking babies"
Or a high quality doll that laughs and cries anymore.

We were little girls in training...
To be Mommies and wives and caregivers of babies!

We see an attachment disorder with so many young girls!
They have no desire to be "JUST" a mommy!
Yes, Women can have so much more in these days and culture,
But being a Mommy is priceless!

What Doll did you get when you were a little girl?
Didn't you just think it was the best gift ever?

We need to help this culture to foster the caring and nurturing
Of babies and the desire to be Mommies!

Leave me a comment on the name of your most favorite,
Baby Doll you ever had!

I pray the little girls will still be Mommies in training!
No matter what this world tells them!


  1. I had a baby doll that I name Gayle. I have no idea but I think I might have got the name from Gail Storm(?) who was on TV at the time. She was a big BABY doll...and you will laugh..but I pulled her head off and filled her with an old towel and put her head back on so she felt more like the weight of a real baby! lol

    Two of my grandgirls like to play with dolls..the other one not os much. xo Diana

  2. Except for my bride doll, all my dolls were baby dolls, and most of them wet their diaper when you gave them a bottle. I loved the cradle to put them down to sleep and the little diaper bags we had. My desire was always to be a mother, but it just didn't happen until I married someone with children and I was delighted.
    I notice in preschool at church that little boys and little girls tend to the baby dolls and play in the kitchen. Our grandsons don't.
    Anyway, back to subject. Our granddaughter wants to be a mommy just like her mommy (who is a stay at home mom who graduated with top honors in college.) The dolls requested by our granddaughter this year are a lalaloopsy diaper surprise and lalaloopsy color me doll. She plays with stuffed animals and dolls for hours and dresses them all in her old baby clothes.

  3. Hi Roxy,

    Not sure if my comment went through, as I was signed in with my business account rather than my blog. : )


  4. Hi Roxy, such a great post and so true. I had a Tiny Tears something like the one on the cover of the magazine you show. I also had a Bride doll and later a Patty PlayPal. I treasured them all. My girlfriends and I also played house
    and it was a special time.
    Thanks for sharing the walk down memory lane.
    Christmas Blessings

  5. You bring back sweet memories for me Roxy. I started getting baby dolls before I could walk. In Decembers my mother would wash starch and iron my dolls best dresses to wear for Christmas. I got my last one when I was in the 6th grade. I still have her-Baby Tiny Talk, and many others. At one time I had over 30. The first one I remember was a Thumbelina doll. She had a knob on her back that you turned, after you laid her on her side and she would roll over. It was a big deal way back then.
    I got at least one doll every Christmas. I knew then, all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mother.
    God is good, I got my wish.


  6. Hi Roxy :)
    I love to read your blog.
    I wanted to share that I had 2 dolls when I was growing up. One I received for my birthday when I was I think 3 years old and she had a fabric torso, I named her Jillian, she was the size of a 6 month old baby.
    The other I received for Christmas when I was 9, he was a newborn replica doll complete with boy parts, I named him Mathew! I loved him so much (I even named my 4th born Mathew!)and spent much of my time playing house.
    I was fortunate to have a cubby house when I was younger that contained small furniture too!
    I still have both of my dolls and all of my five children (2 Girls and 3 Boys) have enjoyed playing with them over the years, my dolls have gained some special sisters in the form of newborn dolls that belong to my daughters given to them as special gifts.
    It is hard to find sweet doll clothes and accessories these days and I find that I have to make my own or find treasures at the thrift shop.


  7. Hi Roxy,

    I see my original comment didn't come through after all. My sisters and I loved playing dolls as youngsters. My favorite doll was my American Girl doll Samantha, but I also loved baby dolls. I had a baby doll I really loved that I named "Baby Sarah" after myself. : ) I believe it is so important for children to enjoy wholesome play, and it is truly disheartening to see how dolls have changed over time. The other year we attended Christmas my cousin's home, and her daughter was given a collection of monster dolls in rather skimpy attire. I was really surprised, they never had such things when I was little.

    May you have a blessed Sunday!


  8. Thumbelina was my favorite doll! I had her until my twenties when my dad through all of our dolls away, it was a sad realization when I found out! But she was the best! My granddaughter told me she wants a baby for Christmas and it made me so happy. Sure wish I could find a Thumbelina type baby doll! Blessings, Cindy

  9. Such a touching post, dear Miss Roxy - how very true too! Growing up I had a darling baby doll by the name of Olivia - I still have her, although my sisters have claimed her now! I loved playing dolls, but real babies were, and still are, the best! I was blessed to become a big sister 5 times I long to have that privilege again... I played nd dressed my sisters and pretended I was their mommy! Thank you for sharing this beautiful post today! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Kelly x

  10. Every year my sisters and I got a doll for Christmas. During the year I would make a house out of books and use empty spools for people and play all day, yes my hearts desire was to be a mommy! That's what God blessed me with, a family and a Granddaughter that loved to play with dolls, care for them and teach them. Now she wants to be a pediatric nurse and will duel enroll next year to start that career, God is Good!

  11. Such a true post, Roxy! My favorite doll was Tiny Tears. She was the first of it's kind where you fed her a bottle of water and she would cry and potty in her diaper. Unfortunately, she also leaked out the joints of her arms and legs too. But I loved her! To this day, I have some baby dolls (2 packed away that were childhood friends( and 2 that I bought as an adult. I'm glad I grew up wanting to play with dolls and be a pretend mommy.

  12. Oh Now I LOVE this post! I grew up the same way as you Roxy! Baby dolls were my all time favorite! My best doll was a Betsy McCall doll and I still have her! I played dolls until I was 12 believe it or not! Cribs, bottles, clothes, the entire collection! Litle girls do not play with baby dolls any . longer, and when Christmas rolls around, there are no longer any beautiful baby dolls to be found. How very, very sad! May we all "wish" for this to return some day.

  13. I was the first grandchild for my maternal grandmother, so when I was born she sent my mother all the dolls that were my mom's as a child for me to play with. I think my favorite may have been a talking doll named Gracie.

  14. What a precious post, Roxy! I got a doll every Christmas that I can remember. I loved to play all day with each of them. Gosh, I wish I still had one now. I do however have my very first stuffed rabbit, Fluffy and I remember putting diapers on her all throughout my youth. Now, she sits on my closet shelf until I get my first grand daughter. Awe, great memories!

    I hope you have a lovely evening.


  15. Hi Roxy

    I read your blog daily, but not sure I've commented before. I do so appreciate you.

    My response will be a bit different. I wasn't much into dolls growing up. My primary caregiver was my Grandpa. I preferred guns, cowboy boots, and trains.

    My sister loved dolls and I bought her a Barbie doll one year for Christmas. She was six years younger than me. I, personally, think Barbie dolls give the wrong perception of body image to girls.

    I did, however, marry, desire to be a Proverbs 31 wife and mother, and was a homemaker and mom as my children grew up, in spite of my guns, boots, and holster years :).

    Thank you for your posts and encouragement for young mothers.

  16. I had a doll named Lovable Louise. I am not sure she was my favorite, but I never forgot her:)
    I liked the dollies that could drink and wet, they seemed so real to me when I was small.
    I always wanted to be a mother and nothing else, so playing house was my favorite game.
    Hugs from Shirley in Virginia

  17. I love playing with baby dolls when i was a little girl, I don't remember their names though. I do remember a couple of the dolls i got were cereal box promotions (you sent in so may box tops and a certain amount of money)
    My two little grand daughters both love baby dolls and playing house (complete with strollers, beds blankets etc. We need to encourage our daughters to be keepers of the homes

  18. I had a number of baby dolls, but my favorite was Sleepy. She went everywhere with me (except school!). Most of my friends didn't play with dolls past second grade, but I played with Sleepy for years and still kept her with me even after I no longer "played" with her. I even took her to college! I have a daughter who just turned six and she loves playing with baby dolls. She like Barbie dolls too, but not as much as babies. I prefer the babies because they teach better qualities than the Barbies, although our Barbies are modestly dressed and go to church, ha ha!

  19. Thank you for bring this up! I got a doll each Christmas. Betsy Wetsey,, Tiny Tears, Sassy Walker,a little doll called Ginger..{.like the Madam Alexander doll called Ginger}. Shirley Temple and Betsy McCall. I loved them all!! I loved getting baking sets or cleaning or cooking sets too and would sew clothes for all the dolls. One year my father and I made a doll bed together. What a sweet memory! We would play school or nurse or mommy by the hour. I look at the doll displays now, and for the most part the dolls do not look like real babies. They are not soft or sweet looking either. My daughter and her daughter also loved dolls and playing house. They would cook and clean and wash the little clothes. I can still remember the joy of those days. I was also a stay at home mother. Now that the children are on their own and grandchildren around us I am still at home and loving it! Sarah

  20. Hello, Did anyone have a doll named
    Chatty Kathy?
    Now that doll could talk, she was as big as I was. But she was more like a fun friend! But my wee little babies were so sweet and cuddly! I have loved hearing all your memories and a few giggles from your comments! Keep giving me the names as new ladies read and remember their Dolls names!
    Blessings, Roxy

  21. I remember my sister getting a bride doll but I preferred the "floppy Dolls" as I called them...the ones with the rag body and looked so real and was cuddly. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the smell of the new vinyl of a baby I still love that smell! I never threw around my baby dolls and never mistreated them (or my stuffed animals). To this day, I do NOT like to see a baby doll or stuffed animal be thrown around or laying in uncomfortable positions!! My only grand daughter who just turned 6 today, is still mothering the life-like baby doll that I posted about earlier this year :)

  22. What a marvelous walk down memory lane. I had four precious 'babies'.
    I took them sliding and for walks in the carriage. When there was a bad storm I knew they all wanted to sleep with 'mommy' so I would put all of them under my covers and we snuggled.
    I still have them all. Debbie, Terry, Bonnie & Lisa.
    I am in my 60's but I still consider them treasures. FAMILY!
    They helped prepare me for my highest calling.
    So much has changed... COME LORD JESUS!
    Trish Clark

  23. Oh, this brings back memories!
    I loved my Tiny Tears doll but I really wanted a Shirley Temple doll. Then on Christmas morning, I got my Shirley.
    My two grand daughters play with her now. But they love their babies (dolls)!


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