Friday, December 26, 2014

Staying Steady...

Staying Steady...

Steady as she goes is such a good word, as we have so many ups and downs,
As The World Turns

We all find ourselves smack dab in the middle at times!

But we have the choice to enjoy a bit of the very place we find ourselves in.

Remember the first falling snow we would see spreading out over,
The landscape first thing in the mornings?

New, fresh and white!
You could run out and plop down into it and make a snow angel!
You could build a snowman and know that feeling of make believe.

Also, having the thrill of flying down a hill squealing with glee!

Being steady in all seasons and situations is so wonderful!
Having the memories of certain things helps us all
 just knowing
That some things do not change...

We can still have fun and be able to have a fresh and new perspective.
But to stay steady allows you to be such a comfort to so many!

May the last days of this month and year bring you great anticipation,
Of what is to come...

New and fresh!!

Be Steady my dear ones!
Do not be tossed to and fro
Be that person that is steady in these strong winds of  adversary;


  1. Good post, Roxie. Just fixing your eyes on what is important and staying steady. Have a blessed New Year.

  2. Good advice Roxy. It's so easy to get off course.

    Happy New Year.


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