Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Being A Home Keeper IN My Own Little World...

Being a Home Keeper, Living from Glory to Glory Blog

In My Own Little World...

The world can seem really big or very small at times.
It really all depends on where you are at in a season of your life!

We have all run into someone we knew when we were far from our homes.
And we may say to them wow, imagine running into you way out here!

Other times someone can be away on a trip and we think gosh;
they are so far away!

I am learning to really take care of the sphere of influence
 the Lord has given me! 

I may be able to send some money to a far away place to help with,
Feeding or taking care of someone in a third world country.
I can also help with a local community soup kitchen!

I realize the Lord has given me my lot;
My boarders to live and grow and to take care of!

I will be held accountable for my part of this world!

Making a home and keeping it up is a High Calling...
Really, please look at it from this perspective.
God wants are Homes to be filled with light and love and protection!

And if you are never HOME how can you establish this order?

The enemy has been given so much territory, because the
Of The Home are gone....

If you feel tired and worn out because you have been gone all day;
I suggest you look at your calendar and take a few things off the
~Places to be this month~
 and maybe forever...

Living from Glory to Glory Blog
Helping to clear the path for others to stay home!

My job feels like it might not be very important sometimes:
But after I look at what God has given me to do and say to another
Home Keeper;
He must think this calling is pretty important...
May I help this next generation find the path to staying HOME
Clearing our hearts and minds from worldly thinking
 that has become off kilter!

I realize some single Mothers have to work;
Some Women are asked to work from their Husbands;
I get it;
But when you are given a choice or when you're not working
You are still never home.

Help us make being a home maker a glorious calling.
Not one of drudgery.

Get your heart back in sync with the Father's heart!

May this be the sweetest month, of all;
Put on the spirit of meekness
(Controlled strength)
Create and bake love into everything!
May your home be welcoming to others!

Take every thought captive and do not allow the
Sorrows or ghost of Christmas past, rob you of this one!



  1. A beautiful post and much needed reminder to focus on our 'world' around us and seek to minister in the way GOD wants us to minister, rather than being caught up in the trappings of the world, especially this time of year.

  2. Beautiful thoughts from a wise woman of God :)

  3. What a wonderful post, Roxy.
    It's comforting to hear that "wanting" to be home is a good thing. Stretching myself so thin in service, leaving no time left for my family cannot be what God sees as pleasing. If my home is not stable, how can my example be?
    I love your boldness in Christ!

  4. Excellent post Roxy. May I quote your last phrase, "Take every thought captive and do not allow the
    Sorrows or ghost of Christmas past, rob you of this one!"?

    That threatens me this year.


  5. Thank you for this post I must admit I've not been very joyful about my calling lately and this post has helped thank you.

  6. Ahhh… I just feel such a sigh of contentment reading this Rox. It is so good and satisfying and true and helpful and encouraging. I long for this generation to hear this, to have permission, encouragement, teaching, blessing, to stay home and be that stable factor in such an unstable world. Have a great day, and I ll talk to you soon.
    Love and blessings,

  7. Homemaking is a high calling! Perhaps if we, as the song says, "turn our hearts toward home" we will find the balance. Better yet, lean our ears toward what The Lord is saying in any given situation. Have a very blessed Christmas season, Roxy. I'm wondering what good smells are emanating from your kitchen today...

  8. I feel like I was a keeper of my home when my children were here. Empty nest has not been easy for me. I am convicted by this to try to make a better place for my husband. I've neglected to do that. Thanks for the reminder.

  9. 'Create and bake love into everything' - oh I love that admonition Roxy! I think I will make that my motto for this Christmas season!

  10. Wonderful words of encouragement Roxy. I like the thought you shared about caring for your borders.
    You are a blessing.
    Hugs from Shirley

  11. Dear Roxy,
    I can't find the words to tell you how much your messages have meant to me. I rejoice in each one of them because you are the only person I have found that puts homemaking in the same category as ministry. Something to be faithful to and carries great value and blessings from our Lord.
    Thank you ever so much.
    Trish Clark


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