Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Cultivate A Love Of Reading...

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I have really been enjoying some sweet, wholesome reading lately.
I find it settles me with words that allow my imagination to roam.

A good book can be read more then once!
Have you read a book more than once?

I like to have a library of good books to read when the fancy strikes me.
A good book has the ability to draw you into the story.
At times you can even identify with the characters.

A good sweet love story can even help you remember
Why We have fallen in love...

Sometimes this world is so hard and gruff;
We need to take time out to be refreshed and to do something that,
Allows us to take joy in simple pleasures.

Being at peace and rest keeps us healthy.
Women can get so emotional and defensive,
Just by not getting enough rest!

Reading is a wonderful thing to do!

Just be mindful of what you are reading;
Some material and books can create frustration!
I myself even enjoy reading books and blogs that help me grow and
Promotes new ideas for crafts or cooking!
I also enjoy teaching ministries!

  Learn to cultivate a love for reading...


  1. Sound advice...from the time you are born....being read to and cultivating your children's love for books and reading are invaluable! I treasure my books!!! Hugs Roxy!

  2. Does cookbooks count? I get all inspired when I read a good cookbook. (Smiles)
    I do love any book really. I love Christian Fiction and I of course love reading my bible.
    Great post, great advice!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. I LOVE to read, Roxy! I don['t have the time to read like I used to but I love it. My grandgirls like to read, too. Enjoy your day! xo Diana

  4. Hey Roxy, You know I love to read! :-) But you are right about being mindful of what we are reading. Some books do frustrate and some lead us into places we have no business being. Thanks for sharing about your great experience with books! I adore Anne Shirley, by the way.

  5. Yes, excellent advice! I am finally reading "Someplace Safe with Somebody Good" by Jan Karon. She already has a new one out so I am behind. It's such a cozy read...conversational and amusing. I often reread Shepherds Abiding at Christmas time...another of Karon's.

    Thought of you many times today as I was reading all the posts about Stephanie's tea cup and mug exchange. I still use the mug you gave me every morning!

    (Yes, John really did scare me with the cement poisoning. He refuses to wear gloves! Ackkk... I have to entrust him to The Lord because I can't get him to change his mind.)

  6. I do have some books I've read again and again.
    I enjoyed Anne of Green Gables because I loved the language.
    Blessings to you friend!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  7. As a child my parents taught my brothers and i to love books by surrounding us with books - I have never stopped reading and did the same to my children. I love books and never leave the house without one, just in case!!!

    I have though, stopped buying books due to cost and lack of space, but our local library is excellent so I borrow almost all the books I read. The only books I buy are my Christian reference, study and devotionals as I tend to write notes in them and re-read them often.

    I couldn't imagine living in a world with out books !!



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