Thursday, October 1, 2015

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Some may think that there is an exciting world out there;
And there just may be that very thing;
But I always thought there was something wrong with me.
Because I never had that!

I never had great dreams of traveling or doing a ton of
 Adrenaline producing activities...

I have been thinking a lot about the scripture that says;
But we urge you brethren,
That you increase more and more;
That YOU also aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business,
and to work with own hands, as we commanded you.
that you may walk properly toward those who are on the outside,
And that you may lack nothing.
1 Thessalonians 4:10-12

"Lead a quiet life and work with your hands"

The world seems to be screaming
-More- More- More-
God has a different more- more - more

Will we run with the world?

Everything will cost you something...
Time, Money, Energy

There is such a sweet fulfillment of looking at the work of thy hands!

Yes, they can be simple little things...
A loaf of bread
A sweet scone
A pot of soup

Humble your hearts and draw near to God;
Take pleasure in home and hearth...

~Do not try to be who you are, not dear ones~

More is not always better;
Many have sacrificed their children and marriages for more!

Arise, and take your stand in the very place God has called YOU

Do not allow the more to lure you into the clutches of more.

Many will be deceived, but we can avoid much sorrow
If we would only lead a quiet life and work with our hands


  1. Beautiful. I've spent the morning writing reviews. I'd gotten behind. I need to make a grocery list and plans this afternoon and do some more laundry.

    Have a wonderful week ending!

  2. You are right, Roxy. This world has become one where the simple things are never enough. I truly wish I had more time to just "be"-but life is demanding right now-pulling me in directions I did not expect to have to take. I love your idea of simplicity and a quiet, restive heart. xo Diana

  3. Great post Roxy! So very true. Little is much in the kingdom of God. That loaf looks yummy by the way!

  4. Hi Roxy! I'm with you.....a quite simple life will bring us happy times. The world is on the wrong path and no one seems to mind or pay any attention. "Remember what peace there is in silence..." thank you being the voice of faith we all so need. Blessings for a beautiful fall weekend!

  5. Working with our hands.....being at home....your words hit home. Last weekend while making a pot of chicken and dumplings I felt content to be in the kitchen.....making something that would please hubby when he came in from working on the seawall. Some might think me to be lazy for not being out working that day...I DO work part-time outside of the home, but being home doing chores around the house is so much more fulfilling for me than earning a paycheck. Your words always give my spirit a lift!!!
    Love to you, dear Roxy.

  6. Well said, Roxy! I do not desire anything of this world that claims to give me more of anything. I choose to be content in the things that God has provided me with. I want more of Jesus! Nothing else!
    Have a great Friday!
    Hugs, Amy

  7. I agree about always wanting more and more and never satisfied with what people currently have. I have decided to limit what I buy, not because i want to save money, but to enjoy what I already have and not get more. Have a wonderful week :))

  8. Praise God, let us rejoice in the quiet life. Thank you for sharing this!

  9. Beautiful! I love home too! It is my favorite place to be and I feel terrible if I'm away from it to long.

    Amy Jo

  10. A quiet, content life, working with our hands . . . such peace in this.

  11. Well said! It’s sad that everyone wants more and more things. I find myself wanting more, but I must remember what God has given me!


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