Saturday, September 26, 2015

Is It Wise To Be Out After Dark...

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Walking After Midnight...

I have been doing a lot of thinking about exactly what being a wise woman might look like;

So I have really been shocked at how many women think nothing,
About being out and about after dark!

In the summer months this is not such a problem as it stays light out 
much later in the evenings.

I do know that I can even start to feel the weirdness in the people
And the business of the stores right after 3:00 pm.

But we have all seen that darkness shrouds much activity that is not proper.
Or necessarily safe!
We as woman do not want to be exposed to these things.

We must use caution and wisdom if we must be out after dark!

Of course, if you are with your husband it is much wiser and safer than being alone.

I would hope if you are not working outside the home;
That you would hardly ever be out after dark.
The later the time the worst, it seems to get...
People drink and drive others do drugs, many are desperate.
Very scary if you ask me...

I think that we must start saying no to certain things that put us out past
either a reasonable time frame or just after dark!

Why risk your personal safety?

Being wise in where you allow yourself to be is just plain wisdom!

A good woman must look to the ways of her home!
And exposing yourself to things that only take place in the dark;
Is just not wise...

Even if you are with a girlfriend, you might think that you are better off;
But why chance it?

Here are some examples that lure us out after dark;
Late Night Grocery Shopping
Walking The Mall
A Woman's Conference
Girls Night Out
Ladies Bible Studies On The Other Side Of Town

Yes, all good things, but is it really worth the possibility of the risks or danger!
But we also cannot live in fear, but using caution is needful!

Peals Of Truth 

This is a series that I will be doing...


  1. It has never been considered wise to be out alone at night, even in a group of women. A date with your husband is not as dangerous. The things people seek to do at night such as grocery shopping and such, can be done in the daytime.

  2. This has always been in the back of my mind. Like you said, "the weirdness", you can almost feel it.

  3. I couldn't agree more. We need to use wisdom and discretion.

  4. Roxy, thank you for the wisdom of this post. To echo a previous commenter, I think about this a fair bit as well. I've made some major adjustments to my schedule over the past year or so.

    God bless,
    ~Lady Virtue

  5. This is something to think about. I was out late tonight in my yard with my daughter worshiping God and enjoying the Blood Moon. I'm not usually out by myself at night.

    We live just outside a smallish town/city of about 14,000.

  6. Thank you. Even when I was an unbeliever, I could sense the wickedness after dark. It is not courageous to put oneself in harms way unnecessarily. Modern women may think we have "a right" to do as we please when we please, but that in not way negates the dangers that may be present. We must be "wise as serpents". We know what evil is lurking, and just because we may not be harmed by it in a given situation in no way negates the risk and dangers.

  7. I was just talking to my husband about this the other day. For thousands of years people always did all that needed to be done during the daylight. People didn't go visiting or shopping or whatever in the darkness. Electricity has made it more convenient to do many things that could only be done in the daytime in the past. We live in such a go-go-go society and people are so stressed out from the business of it all. Maybe the evenings are supposed to be for down time. Maybe God intended it to be that way? Just wondering. Sorry for such a long comment. Your thoughts have been what I've been thinking of lately.

  8. In my sweet quiet neighborhood back home, my husband made me stop walking at night. There had been several break ins and the neighborhood behind ours is full of crime. Sad when we were free to ride our bicycles even past daylight. I miss those days of innocense. Our world has changed for sure.

  9. So very true Roxy! I do believe that the darkness covers a multitude of sins, and it is better to be safe at home than out and about if you can help it at all. Always enjoy hearing your thoughts on how to be a better woman for our family and for the Lord :)

  10. Sad to say but when I was a young person I didn't give much thought to my personal safety. I lived in London and traveled across the city at night by myself using public transport. Then one night (early evening) whilst waiting for a bus to go to a Bible study I was jumped on from behind and assaulted. Thankfully, at that moment the bus turned the corner and the offender ran off. I was unharmed but shaken and it was a wake up call. Now I live where having a car is essential and have to drive into the city. So many church activities, especially for women take place in the evening and I suppose it is because so many women work during the week. I was the victim of a road rage incident on my way to a woman's event at my church and following that I was reluctant to drive at night by myself. So during winter I don't tend to go out to such events and much prefer it when there is a social event for the whole family such as a barn dance or potluck dinner. I finally put up a blog post today but then Blogger lost all my text which was so disappointing as I so wanted to catch up people like yourself with what has been happening these past few months. It's mainly photos as I did not want to rewrite the post but do pop over for a visit! I appreciate your though provoking posts Roxy. Perhaps this one will be a lifesaver for someone if it makes them think twice about going out by themselves during the hours of darkness.

  11. Hi Roxy. I am a new reader of your blog. I found you by way of Lori over at Always Learning. I was thinking of this very thing the other evening. I never go out at night. I prefer to be tucked in safe with my husband, children and kitties. On the rare occasion that I am out after dark, it's always with my husband, never alone. I love your blog and can't wait to read more of your homemaking wisdom.

  12. Whilst it would be wonderful to be able to go for a walk after dark and feel completely safe, sadly society isn't safe and I would never do it. If I do go for a walk in the evenings I always go with my husband as it is much safer for both of us. I can never understand why women do walk about alone after dark, especially those who are coming home from night clubs and dressed in such a way that it adds to the danger.

  13. Good words! I don't go out at dark by myself... ever anymore.


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