Saturday, September 19, 2015

Using The Trusted Blue Book For Preserving....

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I have used this book for years...
Ball: Blue Book Of Preserving

This is the time of the year when the harvest is drawing near.
 It is time to get all of the produce from your own garden and pull it in.
 This is where we gather it and we're able to put it up and 
Preserve it to use those long winter months that are coming. 
I think that when women take the time to learn to preserve, to put up, to put back, to water bath, to pressure can or to make jams or jelly's even dry fruit is such wisdom. 

This is the time of year you can get many things
 For a very reasonable price peaches and plums and apples are yet to come.
 I want to encourage each of you to have a book that teaches you how to preserve. 

You can even pick these up at your local library and borrow them and even copy and print off some of the pages. There's something so satisfying about a pantry that is full with canned goods and jams and jellies and tomatoes and things that you've either grown yourself or picked up at the local farmers market or even your local store ...
I have also have been buying different fruits and cutting them up and actually freezing them, so later on after the holidays, like such as Thanksgiving or Christmas I'm able to make another batch of jam. I do hope that you can take this time of harvest that is coming very quickly is even upon us and learn to freeze and do something, maybe you have never done in the past even if it's just a small amount of a special fruit or vegetable that your family enjoys.

 I do hope you all have a lovely rest of the Seasons of Harvest.

Blessings to each and everyone of you!


  1. Hi Roxy, Love this post about canning and putting up foods for the winter months. I have many books and my mother's vintage canning books. They are full of great instruction and vintage photos. Some of my favorites are The Ball Blue book that was 10 cents at the time, another that was 35 cents, Kerr home canning and freezing book and the Bernardin Home Canning Guide that is also marked 10 cents from 1945.
    I treasure these books. In the last book, my mother left a hand written recipe for Freezer Pickles she received from a friend. If you are interested in that recipe, I'll be glad to email it to you.

    Have a wonderful fall and preparing your harvest.
    Hugs and Blessings, cm

  2. I love making jam and my family love to eat it!! I have a couple of favourite books i use, this year I might make peach jam which everyone really liked.

  3. I have this book as well, and love it too! It is like the "bible" of canning, lol! I agree, it is so awesome to be able to put back food for the cold winter's months. Our biggest canning project is putting up tomatoes. Happy canning dear friend!

  4. I Love this post about canning! I have that same book and love it. The girls and I are planning on canning some Jam this week!

  5. Three words for you: I LOVE CANNING! And it is that time of year to get started. I hear Plum jelly calling our names!! :)

    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  6. Hey Roxy, You are right in there is nothing more satisfying than knowing how to care for your family by learning to preserve foods. I've canned many a quart jars of veggies and homemade salsa. My mother-in-law even cans meats, and they are delicious! Thanks for another encouraging post for us homemakers. Blessings for a joy-filled week, my friend!


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