Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Circle Of Trust...

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The Circle Of Trust

Who likes to feel safe?

Why that is really a silly question;
But I will take the liberty to say a few things concerning this matter!

Trust is an invisible element in a way;
But trust is very real and comes in many different forms of action and response's.

We have all been wounded over this thing called trust.

Trust is something that once it is broken becomes very hard to repair.
We have heard and seen or experienced where it is never restored!

As I have gotten older and maybe a bit wiser my circle has gotten smaller.
I guess I would of thought that it would of gotten larger.

I am not a suspicious person by nature, but discerning would better describe what
I feel and see when it comes to my fellow persons of acquaintance.

Evil does seem to abound in our culture today,
But this trust is not what seems to be forsaken in that way.
But rather within the marriages and friendships.

These relationships are the very core of a healthy nucleus of society.

Who can we trust?

Well the best answer I can give is this,
 Only those that can past the test of time and seasons and longevity.

When we are hurt by words and actions from the very ones we believe,
Have our backs and our hearts.

I am not speaking from my own personal situation here,
But rather from so many I have watched in their home life and the church.
Many in their own families...

I would rather have just a few people in my circle of trust;
Then so many that could cause pain and sorrow.

The only real safe place is under the Lords protection...

But please be watchful and keep an eye open when in a new environment!
When meeting new people!

Well, I know there are still some wonderful God fearing people to meet!
So I look for the Lord to put them in my path or life.

But I do feel that so many have the means or the desire to live
a dual life...

The word warns us that we will know them by their fruit,
But at times I feel like how could we be so duped?

I believe in all that is good and kind;
But I have been told too many things that make me think;
I better keep my discernment on a high setting...

~May each of you find comfort and trust in those in your own lives~

~Pray for those to keep themselves honest and true~

~It is so important to practice self discipline~


  1. Trust is like an asset. If someone trusts me, I work to earn and retain that trust. I do that by saying what I'll do and doing what I say. If I can't do something, I try to say so. We build trust and equity when we do this. When we say we'll do something and don't follow through, we lose equity and people trust us a little less.

    Good post Roxy.

  2. Great post and much needed to be said! I agree it is hard and not a good feeling to lose trust, and so hard to be earned back when lost.
    I do strive to do what I say I'll do and expect that in return but it isn't always so.
    As always I have gleamed from your words of wisdom!
    Hugs to you Roxy.


  3. This is so true! It hurts the most when trust is broken by a relative or a brother/sister in the church. Those wounds are the deepest and take the longest to heal. God help us to be trustworthy and dependable to those who He has placed in our lives. Thank you for sharing what God laid upon your was very much needed. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

  4. You are always spot-on with your posts Roxy! I was so naive many years ago as a young married woman, and my husband had to gently teach me not to just believe everything people would say, but instead watch their actions, and the fruit production in their lives... as words come easy... but actions generally speak from the depth of our hearts. Jesus warned us about this as well.. and I appreciate your gentle way of warning those who just believe all that someone says, without waiting to see if there are actions or "fruit" to back it up. Indeed, keep that discernment at the high setting, and put your trust in the Lord, not in man! Always enjoy reading your wonderful posts and praying the Lord continues to bless you :)

  5. Such sound advise Roxy, thank you for putting your thoughts on paper so to speak. I also agree with Rick's wise words.
    Blessings Gail


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