Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Will You Make Your Boast In The Lord...

His Voice Is Like Many Rushing Waters, Living from glory to glory blog

His Voice Is Like Many Rushing Waters

May His Word Wash Over You

~I will make my boast in the Lord~

I have had this word just rolling around my head;
And pondering it in my heart...

What can I do
What do I have that is not from the Lord?

Absolutely nothing;
Let me say it again for those that are hard of hearing and seeing

When I feel a proud boast coming on about anything I can feel a check in my spirit!

The flesh always wants to be noticed and set on a pedestal.
If anyone tries to place you upon a pedestal, slide right off it quickly.

If I had been taught in my younger years to not be bragging about
Something I had done, it would have been easier to see the err in my way.

We are always giving children and adults so much affirmation about,
everything and all the time. We now have a very boastful society!

I grieve over conversations that may have even been borderline of
boasting and bragging...

I desire to look and see what the Lord has done.

I know as a Godly woman we want to be wise;
But I think that as we learn humility we do become wise!

I have always loved that scripture's that says;
He does exceedingly, and abundantly
We can do all things IN Christ Jesus

I watched a little video on how others were calling themselves Christians;
There was one big problem; 
They talked about everything they embraced...

We just may be mocking the Lord, dear ones
Can I do just anything that I want to do with my life?
I bow to know one my flesh screams...
We cannot embrace all that is coming down the river***

I need to warn all those that are playing in the waters
(Beware a TOXIC spill that has just been released)

We are being set apart and the Christian is now under fire;
And the safest place to be is in His Word...
~Read the scriptures in context~

God has given us everything;
Yet, we will one day make account of how we used it!
Did I boast in my own self and strength!
Did I do it my way and not His?

Please may we give God the Glory in all we do!
Boast about who He Is and what He has done for us
God loves it when we know He alone is in charge and is the giver of life...

This boasting is not always even in an audible voice;
But a giving thanks in our hearts to Him alone...

I heard a woman tell how she had put many of her valuables in a big trunk;
So if the fire was coming her way she would load this trunk first in her truck.
She gave God the thanks that she came away with her life and a few valuables.

There is always danger in our world;
But do not make a boast of oneself.
As we can see of just how quickly things can change.
And it can happen to any one of us!

Boasting will hurt you
Boasting will hurt others
Boasting in any thing or any one is wrong!

Just for the record if someone is speaking highly of you that is another thing.

I do hope all you are doing well.
Let me know if I can pray for any of you this week!


  1. I couldn't agree more with your words Roxy! The greatest hindrance to our walk with the Lord is the danger of our puffed up flesh getting in the way. I loved how you said it - if you find yourself getting put on a pedestal, slide off... awesome truth, and great little nugget of wisdom to remember :)

  2. Great post! It is very important to not let your flesh get in the way of your thinking. I agree with your statement on the pedestal, I'll have to remember that if I ever get put in that situation.
    I hope you have a great day!
    Hugs, Amy

  3. What a great post! Love that photo! We must remember not to boast. Thanks for the reminder. It’s always nice to have someone to keep us In check.

  4. "And the safest place to be is in His Word..."



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