Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What Kind Of Mother in Law Are You? What Kind Of Daughter in Law Are You?

What Kind Of Mother In Law Are You, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What kind of Mother in law did you have?

I feel very strongly that so many women have missed out;
On one of the most valuable relationships!

Why do these relationships from both the son in laws or daughters,
Turn so sour and hateful anymore!

To allow the enemy to rob us of another member into our families;
from either the parent or child that has gotten married!
This is so rampant anymore!
I have heard so many young ladies say that their Mother in laws 
are just so mean and terrible to them!
Undermining them, and their child's choice of a spouse.
Then the child is torn between loyalty to one's wife or mother or father.
We are told to leave and cleave, but not to cut one's heart out!

Does this all stem from our selfish, controlling motives?
Like a two year old that will not share!

Now, grant you there are a few of these relationship's that looked
good and healthy, but once they married, Then the wolf appeared!

So many have identity crisis, and have come from broken homes!
Many look upon the Mother or Father as old fashion!
They are afraid we will take some of their children's affection away!

Controlling and causing an uproar at every opportunity!

The pain and sorrow that these individuals have cost a God fearing mama's heart!

It's shameful...

Let me remind you of even in the book of Ruth;
She told her friends that her daughter in law was worth more 
then seven sons!!

We must stop this horrible cycle;
So may we all encourage others to look at their in laws and also
the sons and daughters, we give away to their chosen spouse differently!

Look, no one is perfect and no one is going to look or do the things
you do or even enjoy, we all have been raised differently.

If you do not, at least for yourself to decide and with the Lords help;
To be the best Mother In Law you can possible be...

Love is a choice!
Do you always have to be right?

I was given a little plague from my Mother In Law
and it had the sweetest poem written on it!
I loved my Mother in law so very much, I wanted her around!
She loved me and taught me many good things!

Now, My daughter in law has been given that same plaque!

It truly breaks my heart for all the confusion and hurt that
comes from this kind of behavior!

If I can, I will try to always lead someone to reconcile the best they can;
But, If there is none to have, stop calling or trying!
Just Pray And Keep Away
Leave them alone, and just maybe they will come to their senses!

Always learning...
Hugs, Roxy

Here is a picture of the poem that was given to me almost 40 years ago!
I still miss my Mother in law...


  1. Please, do share what the plaque says. It sounds lovely. I have a strained relationship with my MIL. She is VERY demanding and it is a very complicated relationship (I don't even know how to explain it but it is sad). Please pray for me for wisdom in dealing with her! She also owned the business my husband now owns, so she still thinks she can go to work and yell at him - and she does.
    The plaque on her wall says "Grandchildren welcome - leave parents at home." :(

  2. Roxy, what a beautiful post. It has been a sad situation with my DIL. She was very affectionate and loving until she had children. Then all of a sudden we became the enemy. We have tried to show her love and acceptance, but there is still so much resistance. It has saddened my heart to not know our grandchildren. We have stayed away but still there are times we try to reach out to them. I have been praying for DIL and grandchildren, yet it still hurts. Thanks for sharing this delicate and intimate situation.

  3. I did everything to please my mother in law, and thought she really cared about me and loved me, but after twenty years of this I finally realised that she only loved having things done her way, her rules, to suit what she wanted, how she wanted, and when she wanted it and foolish little me had been manipulated by her for all that time. Now I’ve just disengaged.

  4. A very good and thoughtful post. Thank you. In my first marriage (over 50 years ago), I was a 17 year old, immature, insecure girl. I was jealous and vengeful toward my MIL. Looking back now through more mature eyes, I see that she was a lovely person with love and good will. She's gone now, so I can't apologize. Sometimes it takes years to realize our wrongs, but I'm glad I see it now. I am blessed to have two wonderful sons-in-love that I treasure. I pray to always show love and good will toward them...and I work hard to stay out of their personal business.

  5. That is a beautiful poem on the plaque! Thank you for sharing! Your DIL is blessed and so are you!!

  6. Hello! That is a beautiful post about this subject! I know it's hard when you are very different people, but to have grace and acceptance of each of you being different it can be a beautiful relationship. A beautiful plaque to pass along! Praying you have a lovely day!

  7. Might I encourage some daughters in law to sit down and write their moms in law a letter, then mailing it telling what they enjoy about them. It can be anything, from a laugh, to the way she sews, crochet or knits their grandchildren gifts that will be cherished. It might even be to a sister in law you might do this for as well if there is friction. It might not get a reply, but that is for our king (God) to see our heart shining and not hiding under a bush.

    I only hope this might encourage someone living in truth.


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