Sunday, November 4, 2018

The Goodness Of Honey...

Honey, Living From Glory To Glory..

If you are looking for all the values on honey;
This is not what this post is about!

I just feel that honey is so rich and is made by little bee's
That work so very hard to produce a rich amber sweetness!
Liquid Gold...

Honey Jars, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Honey comb you can chew with the wax in it (yummy)
Royal jelly for strength and endurance!
A teaspoon in a cup of warm tea or coffee.
A teaspoon taken for a scratchy throat!

But, oh on a biscuit or cornbread!!
Now, were talking.

And it looks so satisfing sitting on your counter!

Buying honey from a local source is the best for your family!
Have you ever tried Bee Pollen?
I love that stuff...

Honey Bee, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Hello Little Bee
Are you afraid of Bees?

A Field Of Clover, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Every different flower makes a very unique tasting honey!

With all these things in mind, I think you might want to have some
beautiful liquid gold on hand!
Enjoy The Little Things

Blessings From Above, Right Here On Earth,
Sweetly, Roxy


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  1. I love buying local honey too. I pray your week is filled with moments of peacefulness.


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