Thursday, February 25, 2010

This picture is my bad side!

Come on I know this like your second picture with your new digital camera,
 but really I didn't even get to pose.
 My first photo on a Blog and You didn't even say (cheese)
Max is adjusting to his new home, as we are also adjusting to a little dog who stays
really close by.

Dear little Max is no longer living, he belonged to my parents.
First my Mother passed away, then my Father.
So I inherited this little guy.

It was so sad because he became very sick and he died also!
I wonder if it was because he missed his master too much?

I looked at this post and almost deleted it and I decided heck this post,
is history now!

Blogging has been a very interesting journey for me!
If you're reading this post, it is one from the archives!



Where Your Treasure Is said...

Well, Rox, I just wrote you a little comment, but it didn't seem to publish, so I am trying it again. With my luck, I will end up with 2 comments, but here goes any way. I just looooove your blog it is so beautiful! It is truly something to be proud of. I think this little picture of Max is just fine. I know you said you didn't really like it, but I would keep it; maybe just add a close up one of little Maxy!

Marie said...

Hi Roxy, I just love your blog also! And yeah, I think the photo is just fine. Keep up the great posting!

Much Love
~ Marie

Elizabeth said...

What a CUTE little dog Roxy!!!! I can't wait to see more pictures of him!

Thank you for your comment the other day it was exactly what I needed to hear :) I wrote back as well on my page.

Your blog looks delightful! Love you!

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