Friday, January 25, 2013

Wise Counsel

Now, what was that she said again?
 I am so thankful for the wisdom that comes from
Godly counsel.
Do you realize that God tells us to get wise counsel!
I am always searching scripture for answers to
questions I might have about any given subject.
We join Bible studies to grow.
 We buy books and read them.
We educate ourselves in many ways.
But there is a way to gain knowledge
and to get insight that we can use.
Godly counsel, is a wonderful gift we
can give to one another.
We are a body of many parts, and we function
much better when we use each other.
Would you dear sisters love to be called a
wise women who builds her house?
Listen to advice and accept instruction,
and in the end you will be wise.
Proverbs 19:20
Now, that just does not mean anything anyone tells you!
Look at the women and see if there is fruit.
Is there wisdom from above in her life?
Godly counsel always lines up with the Word.
Godly counsel operates in Love.
Godly counsel brings Peace.
May we all be teachable and ready to learn!


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