Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Charm Of Curtains

The Curtains Come Down
These curtains were some of my very favorites,
They made my living room so bright and cheery.

I loved the flowers with the distinctive vines and branch pattern.
But it was the bright yellow color I loved the most.

I have always tried to put some yellow in every room as I think
It helps a room to pop (catch your eye).
But after I got my new furniture,
the flowers and yellow did not flow well together.
So I found a neutral earth color fabric of stripes.
By my own confessed love of flowers and vintage material
 this  was a really different choice for me.
But I have found this choice of stripes to go remarkably well in my living room.
But something was still missing;
I needed lace or something to say soft and charming
I found these perfect valances at JC Penny's
They were in the clearance return bin and I got them each
for under $4.00 dollars.


They even have little clear glass beads hanging on the hem of them.
I also have hung a very light sage green color sheer panel under each
  curtain. It has allowed it to soften and darken the room.
Easy on the eyes, but not too dark.

My daughter Amy found that very unique triangle shaped
lace doily on my mantel.
 I just loved it!
Making our homes distinctive and yet warm and inviting.
That is why it is called a living room.
Get it ?
We are to spend time in it really living;
Playing games
Working on a puzzle
Visiting with friends
Is your living room liveable?


  1. Good Morning, Roxy! House-fluffing is so fun, isn't it? I make a lot of our curtains, and I am so surprised that some of the fabric that I used many, many years ago from Waverly is still available for sale!

  2. Absolutely lovely! I like the color Sage - it was the color of my bridesmaids dresses and I had matching curtains in the church on my wedding day; now the curtains are hanging in my living room :)

    Your living room looks very cozy and inviting.

    Hugs to you!

  3. I love both those curtains Roxy. The room looks lovely, shady and inviting. I wish I could come and visit x


  4. Yep- my living room is livable but I am usually the only one that uses it. Everyone else hangs out in the family room that opens into the kitchen. I like your choice for window coverings. They finish the room off nicely- xo Diana

  5. I have always loved your lovely vintage, decorating style. I loved the old curtains, but these look great too. What a great bargain you found in the valances. The doily Amy gave you is perfect. It all looks great.
    Love ya,

  6. That was a great buy on the valances...your room is very inviting and cozy...
    Am linking to follow you. :)
    Over from Mrs. Olson's

  7. Visiting you from Share Your Cup Thursdays. Wow are you the bargain hunter! Your room looks elegant and inviting.

  8. Roxy,

    Your living room is very cozy...I just love cozy. The new furniture a beautiful and the curtains look very nice with it. I am a doilie girl too...have loved them since I was a child!

  9. Oh wow, I have always loved your taste! Beautiful, GORGEOUS, living-room Roxy!!!

  10. Hi Roxy. Love the added charm of the valance. Really brought the coziness in! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. Your curtain design certainly looks splendid, Roxy. It's true that curtains help set the mood for the rooms in one's house by controlling the amount of light it lets in and creating the ambiance. Your curtains give off a very comfortable and calm feel to your house. Thanks for sharing!

    Roxie Tenner @ Windo Treatments Philadelphia

  12. My furniture isn't very comfortable. I hope to buy some different furniture in a couple years that is.


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