Friday, January 20, 2017

Dish Towels Made From A Drop Cloth...

Making these dish towels from a drop cloth was very easy!
It also made a lot of them...
Firstly, I washed the drop cloth in my washer and dried it.
I used a drop cloth that was 100% cotton.

I used a dish towel that was a size that I preferred for my pattern!
Some towels are just too short or long and even to wide.

I cut them to size and then I ironed a hem, then I did a quick
Run on my sewing machine.

I embellished them with bits of scrap material and some I added a bit of lace ribbon.

It was so easy peasy and I made a ton of them and gave them away as gifts.
I kept a few for myself and have found them to be a superb towel!

I wished I had taken a few more pictures of all the ones I made.
But really you can use the colors that match your kitchen!
Make a few for friends and family!

They would make a nice gift for a Bridal shower,
 because these babies hold up in the kitchen!

This was the label that was one the one I purchased for this project!
I found mine at a store called Harbor Freight.

I do love a good dish towel and these are really a very nice quality;

In these long winter months you could make some for gifts or for yourself!

Have you ever tried making anything from Drop Cloths?

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NanaDiana said...

I have made tons of things from drop cloths, too! I have used them for 'dividers' in my basement, I sewed one in a box shape to cover up a hanging clothes rack. I have used them for causal curtains, etc. I like the heft of the fabric, too.
Hope you have a great weekend- xo Diana

Anonymous said...

I made curtains out of drop cloths and big plastic grommets. We love them; the oatmeal color of the fabric is so calming. Your towels are lovely. My kitchen towels are getting worn. Your towels are so pretty. I'm going to make some!
I was actually thinking about using drop cloth fabric to make a casual jacket with big patch pockets. Something to wear when gardening. What do you think?

Rick Watson said...

You do good work.

Jennifer said...

How very wonderful! I have never heard of this before, what a great idea! I love how you embellished yours!

Evelyn Edgett said...

I wonder if I could make a slipcover for my couch and loveseat? Any suggestions?

Deborah Montgomery said...

What a great idea Roxy!

Laura Lane said...

What a terrific idea. I didn't know drop cloths could be used for that. If I find a little extra time and money....

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a wonderful idea! I've made hand towels from white towels and put trim on them. I needed something a certain size for my bathroom and this was the best way to get them. I added your blog to my blog list on the sidebar! I'm excited to visit you more often! Hugs, Diane

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