Sunday, August 9, 2009

Angels Are Listening...

The Winds Are beginning to Blow Living From Glory To Glory Blog
The winds are beginning to blow all across this land.
 Are you a people who hunger for the hand of God, to show Himself strong?
 He is just about to pour onto this dry and thirsty land. Hold out your hand and be ready to be filled. Be a person of expectancy!!
 He looks for those who will say here Lord use me.

Now keeping your eyes on the Lord, being faithful is great attributes, and He longs to find a woman after His own heart.
 The old saying " aim at nothing and you'll hit it every time"
So take aim what is a goal that you can reach for, that will have eternal benefits?

Learning to watch your words is possibly the biggest and most powerful weapon and tool that a woman can use.
 Ask yourself after you get off the phone or speaking to your husband, or your child, did I just bless that person with my words or did I curse them?
The word of God says we are either blessed with our words or we curse others. I made a decision a long time ago to use my words wisely. Also, I read the Word aloud for scripture says faith comes by hearing the word. I realize that even the angels listen to hear what we say and they only respond to what we say concerning the word.
 Read Psalms 103:20

You want your words to line up with scripture.
Your words Must Please The Lord

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