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How The Power Of The Color Blue Inspires Us...

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Robin Eggs

There is just something about the color of Robins eggs that are so precious.
Why are they so blue and remind us of an ocean crystal clear?
A deep blue that is beholding of a depth that is hard to capture.

Artist for years have tried to replicate its unique color.
The color blue brings peace and calming, to me;
I think that is why we enjoy gazing up into a clear blue sky
Or standing at the seashore of a tropical setting,
Sometimes it is even portrayed even in a picture that beckons us!

We can feel the depth of stability, as the sky and the ocean have always been since creation!
I looked up the meanings of the color blue and it was very interesting,
Some of the effects that have been recorded as being calming!
To make you feel uplifted and happy

Blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, faith and truth and of Heaven!

The color blue says open spaces;
And it opens up my imagination to the vastness of ideas

The color blue in the Bible represents the Word and the power of God
Numbers 15:38-41
The Law, or Commandments

~I imagine that the river of life must be blue and crystal clear~

The wall and the foundations were furnished with so many precious stones of different colors, 
Notice the second one was Sapphire
Revelation 21:19
(The tribe of Dan)

When we begin to feel like winter will never end;
Or a relationship that feels dead
God opens our eyes to newness of life and an open sky to possibilities
I believe in resurrection power...
There is a force that beats our hearts and is attached to a golden cord called life!

I am speaking to dead marriages
Prodigal children
deathbed conversions
broken hearts
Lies spoken by the enemy of our souls

Look up

Seek His face while it might be found, He has the answers
Do not give up!
Be not discouraged

The battle belongs to the Lord
~But we must stand on His truth and not lay down our shield of faith~

There is always a promise that God is in the process of fulfilling!

When you see the Robin, you know a new season and life is here

Do you find yourself drawn to spring colors!
Can you sense the uplifting of your spirits through color?


  1. I am always drawn to the colors of spring, Roxy. I especially love the blue of the water when the ice has melted off and it is so pure and clean. I love clear blue skies of Spring, too. Lovely post! xo Diana

  2. This is a "true blue" encouraging post Roxy! Indeed, when we see the robin egg blue, or the bright blue of a baby's eyes, or the bright blues of a warm sunshine day... so many blues to remind us that our Creator's love is evident for us everywhere. Wonderful uplifting post!

  3. Do you know that I have never seen a robin's eggs...? My! That colour blue is just incredible! I so enjoyed this interesting post, dear Roxy!
    Colour is a wonderful gift from the Lord and I do feel uplifted through colour and beholding God's amazing creation - we know that HE certainly loves colour! We just need to look around us and see the beauty in every detail...
    Much love in Christ!

  4. A precious post, dear Roxy. I love Robins and in fact they are probably my favorite bird...there is just "something" about them. And you are right, there is something sweet and wonderful about their eggs. After reading your post I was smiling because that "something" was just explained by your delightful thoughts and words.

    May the Lord richly bless you, sweet friend!

    Thank you for the kind email...I look forward to replying to it soon. Sending love and hugs your way!

  5. Hello, Roxy! The color blue, and yes, the colors of spring truly uplift me. I was born and raised in Kentucky, and my first spring here in Colorado, I felt was such a disappointment. There are so many colors to be seen in a KY spring that the few flowering trees here seemed paltry. However, I've lived here 7 years now, and really do appreciate the beauty around me. The subtlety of a CO spring is beautiful in its own way.

    One thing I found breathtaking here in CO, though, was the brilliant blue of the vast western sky. Almost every day I gaze upon the sky and am amazed at how vast and blue it is.


  6. Rox, this post was so inspiring. Yes, I feel just the same. I love the color of Robin's egg blue… I love God's colors, and all that he has created; it is interesting that He put precious stones in the Garden of Eden, as well as the temple, and in the New Jerusalem. Its so interesting how he describes the colors for even the cords of the Priests garments. I love how He established the amazing beauty of Colors and elements, and I do believe that we are to take up the hope of HIs goodness, and His promises to us when we see them. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  7. Such a sweet post Roxy! I dearly love the colors of spring and they bring much happiness to me. Robin egg blue is such a lovely shade...probably my favorite of the blues. Our God is an awesome God isn't He? He created this Earth and all things in it and what beautiful colors He chose to bless us with. Enjoy the rest of the week sweet friend!

    Blessings, Vicky

  8. You are so right about the robin's egg blue...the color is so soothing...actually any shade of blue has that effect on me. We have had sooo man birds throughout the winter and this spring so far but we just saw our first robin in our yard yesterday! Lovely post, Roxy!

  9. Robin's egg blue is so beautiful. I like the cheery orange-red of the robin's breast, too, and have not yet seen a robin! Right now, my eyes are yearning for green. Thank you for the encouragements! We do need positive words when things seem bleak. Praying that you'll get the rain needed to take down the dust storm.

  10. Yes ~ I love this time of year and the robins all building their nest and laying their eggs.

    Happy Spring to you my friend. We are really cold tonight. Thinking I am going to make some hot chocolate ~ then headed out to cover my flowers. I should have waited.

  11. Robin's egg blue is beautiful. Blue is such a calming, peaceful color, I'm glad the Lord used so much of it in the sky and water! He must know how important peace and calm is to us in our stressful, crazy human lives!

  12. Looking up to the skies, and seeing the different hues of blue warms my heart...especially in the evening. I tried to match the light blue colors for the walls in my home. I find them soothing to the soul.
    Such a beautiful post, Roxy.
    Love to you, dear friend.

  13. Robin's egg blue is so lovely. Have a blessed week-end.

  14. Hi Roxy, I love spring colors and so drawn to the refreshing look of blue.
    I have used it in many ways in my home on and off and always come back to it for springtime and summer.
    God is an amazing artist and HIS sky is gorgeous in blue sometime with a little pink and yellow thrown in. All giving us joy when we look up.
    Great post my friend. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  15. Thank you so much, sweet friend, for sharing with Roses of Inspiration. I always appreciate you joining the party. Hugs and blessing!


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