Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How Words Can Be More Important Than Just Being Busy...

"She is all talk, but doesn't do anything"

I want to share with you how talking can change a situation!

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God has chosen words to create and bring life;
When we sing, we glorify our God...

Sounds can change an atmosphere;
Have you ever heard a shofar being blown?
When you hear a rooster crow, you know daybreak is almost here!
The strong gale of wind that blows tells me bad weather may be approaching.

The word tells us there is one calling in the wilderness

A timely word can change history;
~We are told to speak life~

I once heard a man speaking that told us
 When words are spoken or written they put off  a vibration!
He told us this was a scientific fact...

That thought kind of stuck with me!
 After learning that I then wanted to say things that brought a good vibration...
Sounds a bit corny
 But we have all been the recipient of some words spoken (good and bad)

I see a world running around always busy and having meetings;
But sometimes a word spoken in season can do more than all the meetings,
And notes taken and church functions till the cows come home.
Sometimes doing is just standing
And not falling for all that the wind blows in!

We all have different gifts and callings;
So when the world or church want you to just be busy
with no leading from the Lord;
We must use discernment!

We can all do something, and at times it may be for just a short season;
I have found that the church wants women to leave their ministry
of being a homemaker and a helpmate to their own husbands,
To run and manage the church...
That ought not to be...

So if you ladies are doing what God has created you to do;
Loving your husbands and training your children
And keeping your home;
Watching and enjoying your grandchildren
And you, dear ones do not have the time or gifting to work in the church
Do not receive condemnation that may be spoken or felt from the leadership!

We have but one head in the church
(Jesus Christ)
God has set in Elders and Deacons in the local body.

We as women can do many things in the church;
Whatever you are called to do in the local church;
God will give you the strength and there will be a grace to do it!
But we must have our priorities in place...

If the church does not grow or nothing you try can succeed
Then maybe you aren't doing what the church is suppose to be doing
Making disciples of all men...

My point is this;
Calling women away from their God ordained place is not the answer;
For growing our churches...
God has ordained women to mentor the younger women
Not to run the church...
But to be keepers of loving our husbands and our children;
Home Keepers

I would rather have someone who operates in the gifting of encouragement
to speak life to me then ask me to sit in on yet another planning scheme!

I love when I can see the gift of administration working;
They may plan, but never get their hands dirty.
Does that make their job less important?

~If you are trained in the scriptures and can teach than teach~
If you do only one thing and you do it with God's blessing...
Better to do one thing well and not be scattering of thoughts and energy
And prayers and giftings...

We need to encourage one another...
Remember what is spoken in the bedroom my be heard!
Your words spoken in private and in the marketplace will bring a harvest!

Remember to show honor to the weaker vessel!
Uplift and not tear down the body
What you sow, you will reap

Speak only good things about your husband!
Speak only words of correction in love!
Speak what the word says about a situation!


  1. Dear Roxy...what you write is so very true and I pray many ladies will be encouraged by these beautiful words!
    Blessings and much love in Jesus Christ,

  2. Hello Roxy,
    Lovely post and certainly fitting for such a time as this in our day.
    I think satan would have us to feel that we need to always be busy in the ministry of the church as well as other places so that we are away from our homes. Not that being in the ministry is wrong, there has to be a balance and direction from God.

    Oh that we would have the peace of God right where He wants us.

    Have a great day,

  3. I agree~ sometimes we get so busy serving the Lord we leave Him behind.

  4. Roxy, this is such a beautiful post and I applaud you for speaking out for women. I remember when my children were very young, I would be asked to do this or that, attend this function or committee. As a homeschooling Mom I would gracefully decline. At one point I was admonished for not doing my part, but I felt strongly that my job at that time was to fulfill my duty in the home. I have no regrets about missing a ladies retreat or conference when it would take me away from what I felt the Lord leading me to do. Did my children turn out perfectly? No. But I still feel that God led us to train up our children in the way they should go, and looking back I know we were being obedient to His calling.

  5. Hello There! This was such a good post. I am called to be home, to raise my children, teach them and be the best keeper of my home to my husband and myself. To glorify God in all things that I do each day and if I can encourage one person a day, I feel like I have done what God has called me to do. So many women are being lost in the system of society that we tend to never want to go back to being at home. I am very fortunate to be the one that was called home after working outside the home for many years.

    Great post!

    Hugs, Amy

  6. I believe that words give off vibrations. When I read something negative, I can feel strength dwindling....and when I read powerful positive words I feel stronger.
    I also agree that it's essential to follow your purpose and not be distracted by what others think you should be doing.

  7. I know this from experience to be true Roxy. I was a young mother when I was asked to head up the women's ministry in my church. Perhaps it was my previous managerial experience from the career I had given up coupled with the fact I was not a working mother that made me a candidate. Although I had a team of women of all ages to assist me, I was the one who had to attend all the meetings for church leaders. There were so many meetings to attend I spent more time at the church than in my own home! Then there were the phone calls during the week mainly from disagreeable, disgruntled women who had some issue with how things were being run. It was making the decision to homeschool that finally gave me the nudge to give women's ministry away. It was a ministry which my husband and young children could not be involved in and it's only in recent years I have come to understand the power of whole family ministry. As you may know we are involved in a hospitality based ministry that reaches out to young people from China and other parts of Asia. The Lord has brought the mission field to our doorstep and we literally have become 'family' to some of these young people when they are in our country. What a blessing it is to minister together as a family. To share our table and the trampoline! (Yes, the trampoline - you would never believe how much the students love jumping on our trampoline with the children!) No committee meetings to attend - we just do it as the Lord leads and brings the ones He wants us to reach across our path.

  8. I could listen to encouragement like this every day and never get tired of hearing it. Yes, my friend, our words do have powerful influence.
    Hugs from Shirley

  9. There is life in your words, Roxy. Thank you for speaking them.

    I remember years ago, when my brother was in a coma after a car accident, just going in ICU and speaking life.
    Literally, LIFE!

    He recovered by the mercy and healing of Jesus!

    Be blessed!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. If our house is not in order...we cannot have a successful ministry outside of the home.
    You are blessed with such wisdom, and are obedient by sharing.
    Love you.

  11. There parish where we are members is filled with older ladies, many widows, how actively take charge. It is nice to attend here, because these women, many of whom raised large families, completely understand why the younger women can't help out. This is such a blessing, and as an added benefit, when I am able to attend ladies' functions, I find that many of these older ladies filled with wisdom, especially in the Titus 2 area.


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