Thursday, April 2, 2015

For The Revelation Awaits...

The Revelation Awaits, Living From Glory to Glory Blog

All things have an appointed time...

~It speaks~

Waiting for all that God has planned for you, is well worth the wait!

All things will come to pass for you dear ones...
As we wait, we must stay busy and occupy till He returns!

 We have many days and years to fill with fruits and works,
"For His Glory"

When you wait patiently for His timing all things just unfold...

We are all just so impatient

Could you not tarry for one hour?
Would you not watch for three days?
Would you persevere for forty years?

We sometimes may feel we are wasting our time;
But what may be really going on is that we may not be using our time wisely.

I have seen a pattern in my life;
I work hard and then I rest...
We work so we can enjoy the fruits of His good pleasure towards us!

I find great joy knowing that every promise in God's word will be
Fulfilled, just as He foretold.

When we are waiting for something, we grow!
~Learning to find the pleasure in the waiting~
When we conceived a child, we have nine months to prepare
When we plant a seed we have months till we harvest
When we plant a tree we have years till we have shade or fruit to harvest
A great marriage may take many years
It can take decades for your children to rise up to call you blessed


All things in its appointed season
Even if the enemy of our souls tries to bring destruction
God will use it for His glory
Nothing is wasted...

All will be used to build up or prove false...
The truth will win
The King on His white horse called
Faithful and true!

Be faithful dear ones;
Be a faithful daughter
Be a faithful woman
Be a faithful wife
Be a faithful witness

(Those that wait will see)

For it shall surely come...


  1. Dear Roxy! I so needed to hear this today! I was just talking to my sweet mother and sharing with her how hard it is for me to wait for God! And she encouraged me to just wait - to be still and wait patiently for the Lord because He knows all! I will never know why He wanted me to wait so long, but I trust that He loves me and wants the very best! A comforting thought...
    And how true that we should be busy during our wait!
    Thank you for this lovely encouragement today!
    Much love and blessings on your Good Friday!

  2. I feel you wrote this post with me in mind!
    It went right to my heart.
    Someone told me a long time ago, not to wish my life away, "I wish it would hurry up" or "I wish I could ...".
    Your words are very timely for me.

  3. So nice to meet You. I enjoyed Your devotion very much and it rang true to Me. Just a little note to tell You I'm Your newest follower and ore important a Sister in Christ Please drop by and visit any time. Blessings to You and Your's this Easter-Denise of Coffeeberry Cottage

  4. Oh my goodness! This was for me; I just know it. Thank you sweet Roxy; you're such a blessing!

    Have a beautiful weekend and Lord's Day!


  5. So inspiring! And we know all this to be true because He is true and alive....He is Risen!

  6. Roxy,
    Your posts always move me. Tears.
    This week was a rough one. My fur baby had surgery and my husband had to go to the ER.
    In both cases I found myself "waiting". Waiting for hours it seemed before I knew if they would be okay. Waiting and praying. It is easy to be grateful when things are going great... it's when things are falling apart that we must remain thankful and strong in faith. I had to turn both my baby and my hubby over to God and trust that both would be okay. I am happy to report that both seem to be recovering. Thank you, Jesus!
    Happy Easter!


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