Sunday, April 19, 2015

Writing For His Glory...

How Does Your Blog Grow?
What is it that we as women can do to be connected?

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

I asked a very busy Mom, what is it that women want from a blogger's post?
She said it needs to be short and to the point...
That is why Facebook is so popular;
Just Tweet it
Instagram is the new family photo album.

So I will write for His Glory
My desire is not to bore you with long posts;
But speak what He gives me...

Spring is here with the quick and strange weather patterns!
We need to be quick to respond to what comes at us.

But I will tarry and continue to practice His presence..
Maybe I will just type slower so you can read it all!
Remember Mavis Beacon typing lessons?
Also, did you ever try to speed read?

Well, my dear friends may we all just learn once again
to take pleasure in the simple things!

I hope you enjoy your visits here and to know that I appreciate you!

I guess there are some new gimmicks that we can do to grow our blogs;
But, I hope you find wisdom and comfort from your time here

My heart's desire is to write for His glory;
But if my blog grows, it is because this promotion comes from Him!

To answer my second question at the beginning of this post;
We feel connections as we share our hearts!
(What is on your heart)


  1. I guess there is something to be said about "short and sweet". Thank you for the tips and continuing to encourage. I think your posts are a fine length by the way :)

  2. Hi Roxy! You are writing for all the right reasons. To write what God puts on your heart is a wonderful calling.

    Seeing joy in the simple things is a theme that I wrote about too (as you know). I don't think the Lord has to be 'flashy' for me to appreciate Him. And you are so right, all good things come from Him, including our blog-friends!
    Have a wonderful Monday :)

  3. We cannot go wrong when we write from the heart - and feel his good pleasure in our glorifying Him. Blessings to you - Marsha

  4. One of the best things I am finding from blogging is meeting new people that share some of my interests...making new friends. Have a great week Roxy.

  5. Hi Roxy, I connect with all sorts of blogs. Those that write short and sweet, others that have more to share and write long. Either way, when you are interested in the friend, it doesn't matter how short or long the post is to me. I stay and take the time to enjoy it, learn and always leave being blessed. Life is short enough without rushing through it in blogland too.
    Hugs, CM

  6. I love your posts, even when I don't comment. Life is full, and short and sweet is at times necessary, but don't shorten what you're led to share. May you have a beautiful day and type away! :)

  7. Hi Roxy, I'm glad you take the time to write.I don't have a blog, but reading them is a way to "meet" ladies with the same interests.
    I start reading "Christian Home-making" blogs in the evenings after I have finished my day's work.
    It's a nice way to relax and be refreshed at the day's end.

  8. I love short and sweet! Great post :)

    Thanks for stopping by Colletta's Kitchen Sink!


  9. Hi Roxy,

    I prefer long and full of thought and Spirit :). If the Spirit leads you to short and sweet, or long, it is because someone who reads your wonderful blog needs the message.

    You are a blessing. Thank you for all your posts.

  10. O valor das coisas não está no tempo que elas duram, mas na intensidade com que acontecem.
    Por isso existem momentos inesquecíveis, coisas inexplicáveis e pessoas incomparáveis.(Fernando Sabino)
    Obrigada pela visita carinhosa!
    Uma linda e abençoada semana!!!
    Abraços Marie.

  11. Unfortunately, in this age of information overload, short and sweet, and to the point does work best, but I always love reading your writing Roxy, and enjoy the message, and your heart that speaks as you write about things. I blog because I want to share what is going on in my life with my family and friends, and I read other blogs because I enjoy hearing what is going on in other women's lives, and what the Lord is sharing and showing them. Thank you again for a lovely place to come and visit :)

  12. I always enjoy your posts Roxy, long or short! You have so much to say that is so relevant! I may not always comment or have time to read it all but I love to see what you have to say each day!

  13. Its nice to be reminded of some good tips and be inspired for our blogs Rox. I appreciate that, and feel encouraged. Have a great week. Miss you.

  14. It doesn't matter the length of a post. If it's Spirit breathed....I'm going to read it to the end. I appreciate your posts, Roxy. You never cut short on sharing what the Lord gives you. "Preach it sista"!
    Love to you, dear friend In Christ.

  15. Hi Roxy,
    I love short & sweet and sometimes long is good too. I love connecting with my blog friends. I enjoyed what you had to share today. Take care and be well.
    Julie xo


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