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My Franciscan Rose Pattern Dinnerware...

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My Beautiful Rose Franciscan Pattern Dinnerare
And My Story...

My Rose Pattern dish's now have some very pretty green glasses to go with them!
When my Mother passed, I asked for her dish set because she and I had a love for
this lovely rose pattern for many years.

I remember as a child she only had the sugar bowl and creamer
And just two teacups with saucers.
She would use these two cups when a neighbor would stop in for a cup of coffee.
I do not think we do that anymore...

Years before my Mother died, she gave me the sugar bowl and creamer
For my 30th birthday!
I do not use them any longer as they are a bit cracked and very fragile.
So I leave them in my china hutch!

Let me tell you the story of how I happened to acquire a complete set
of this lovely Franciscan tableware!

Well, my older brother knew how much mother loved this pattern!
As I mentioned when my Mother did pass I did get 6 dinner plates and 6 bowls
 and that was what I had gotten from our Mother.

But I got a phone call from my brother and he asked all the other sisters if they
wanted some of those same rose pattern dinnerware.
They said no as it was not their style,
But they did say ask Roxy, she loves that stuff!!

Living From Glory To Glory Blog

So when my brother went to an estate sale back east he saw these dishes!!
The man that had lived at this estate was a client of my brothers;
So when he asked about these dishes they told him he could have the entire set!
(Not sure of what he may have paid as I never asked)

But I will tell you this it was a huge amount of every size and everything imaginable.

The boxes just started coming to the house and they were huge!
The Fed Ex guy was like who sent you this??
I told him the story and he said boy you have one nice brother!
~And Yes, Yes I do~

It took my Daughter in love many hours to unpack the boxes!
We had so many the entire floor and table were covered in Roses...

I have so many dishes that I had to pack away many of them!
I kept out a table setting for twelve!

I use them as my daily dishware so I always think of my Mother!

I received serving bowls and serving platters, and casserole dishes.

I have two different styles of teapots...

But just recently we found some nice green glassware at Tuesday Mornings
(Love that place)

So I bought a stemware green glass and then a regular tall glass for tea and milk.

My cupboards are bursting with Roses!!
And it makes me smile and I count my blessings that my dear brother
gave me such a lavish gift!

You know I just had a thought or maybe it was a memory about how and
where my dear mother would have gotten the money to buy her
Cream and sugar set and her two coffee cups?

I believe it was probably with her little books filled with
S&H Green Stamps

~Thank You, Dear Big Brother~
Thank You Mom for giving me the love of Roses...

Do You Ladies remember a dish pattern your family used while growing up?

Blessings, From Glory To Glory


  1. Now that's pretty...What a dear brother and a gift to enjoy for years

  2. This made me smile. I love your dishes, they're beautiful. And what a wonderful brother you have to think of you. I gave my wedding China to our daughter when she got married. Every piece was intact after almost 35 years. She now uses it, but looks forward to passing it down to our granddaughter someday. Thank you for sharing with us.
    Blessings, Betsy

  3. Oh! So very, very pretty!!! This was my mother-in-law's pattern and she used it every day. My sister-in-law has the dishes now. It is really pretty, isn't it? xo Diana
    ps. You have a GREAT brother!!!

  4. I love Blue Willow. My mother gave me her set and I also inherited my aunts set. They are such happy memories for me. My daughter will get them when I am done with them, she loves them, too.

  5. Oh how very wonderful! They are just lovely and I'm so happy for you to be able to use something so lovely that reminds you of your mother! A cherished gift from a loving brother!

  6. O my, My favorite dishes too,.. I had a aunt who had tons of it. ( a aunt by marriage, she left hers to her daughter) Id admired it forever as well. I years ago found a teacup and saucer while thrifting with mama.. But raising five kids never could reall afford anything. Later I found a creamer.. And then a salad plate.. Just last year got two more teacups And the roses salt and pepper shakers then I found one more thrifting.. And I recently got a sugar bowl and a teapot.. You are the luckiest girl in the world in my opinion.. What a brother.. Just lovely Have a blessed day with love Janice

  7. I have always longed for this dinner ware. I was able to buy 2 cups and 2 saucers recently. Like your mom, I keep them on display for when a guest comes


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