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When Was The Last Time You Really Kissed Your Husband...

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When was the last time you really kissed your husband?

This is just something I was thinking about for the last
few months. And I wanted to share a couple of thoughts on this!

Well, I know we all are giving those quick pecks when we are
leaving or arriving with our spouses!
I get that we can't just stop and make out all the time;
Really, I laugh as I write this because remember when you were 
Newly in love and could not get enough kissing in??

It was romantic and so sweet!

But now we all have been married for years

But it really is in the kiss that sparks a feeling of connection;

Look we are all a bit tired and the days can wear us out!

But what we need in this world is some real passion and
not this Hollywood style love and sex.

I asked my husband this morning what does a kiss from me say to him!

he said that it tells me your thinking about me!
That you love me!
That you want to show me that I matter to you!
That I feel passion towards him!

Why do wives stop kissing their husbands?
Well for one because we get in our heads that it will give them a signal;
That says; Lets __________!

So then we get programmed to not kiss them passionately or with 
at least a spark!!

So we then become the problem...

A kiss filled with some passion or spark or a bit of adventure;
Can be added with the smile or phrase that says later honey!

We may not be a hormone laced kid;
But rather a deep love of affection and physical connection!

Hollywoods warped demonstration of affection.
 And our lives that are way too busy can rob one's romance!

Holding hands and smooching are for mature and young marriages!

Let's not become dried up old prunes!

I remember well this couple that lived into their nineties;

 And this is "their story"
 Every time this couple kissed he would tell her this!
(Oh Honey You Can Do Better Than That!)
And she would giggle and give him another smooch!

I told this story at this dear mans funeral, because his wife went before him.
So the moral of the story is this!
"We are never too old to give our spouses a good kiss"

Be love birds till you die...

As I was writing this post two Doves came and perched on my window!
As if they were saying we are still together and we do things together.
And we still show are affections to each other daily!

Be Two Turtle Doves;
Be A French Hen!
And honor your two gold wedding rings...
"I Do"

So give your Husband the gift of more kissing!


  1. I'm chuckling and nodding my heard, ("Let's not become dried up old prunes!").

    Good wisdom for all of us to show our appreciation, love, affectation or concern for each other.

  2. What a sweet post- love that the doves landed there as you were writing it. Aren't doves also called love-birds? Hope you have a wonderful "kissy" week. xo Diana

  3. I love this post. I agree. I never tire of kissing my husband. Or holding his hand. I feel protected and loved when he holds my hand, or puts his arm around my shoulder. We have been married for over 40 years, but it's still feels like our honeymoon ;-)

  4. I agree! Our children would 'gag' when they came into the kitchen and saw my husband and I smooching pretty good. ;)

    Thanks, Roxy!!!

  5. Just thinking about this this morning. It's been way too long.

  6. My kids get all grossed out when they see mom and dad kissing! :)

    This is something of a reminder, if we want to keep the romance alive!

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Hugs to you, Amy

  7. I have to smile! Such great advice and so very true! I had for awhile lost this and a short time ago started to do just this...adding a little spark. It has made such a difference and is so important in a marriage. Let the kids watch, so they can learn for when they are married. :)

  8. You are so much fun Roxy, I appreciate your honesty and how you are able to write about issues that no one else does. Keeping the passion and spark alive in the marriage is so important. Our kids never thought anything of the affection we showed to each other when they were growing up, but once they got to be teenagers, it all of a sudden became awkward for them, so we tone it down a bit when they are around, but still, like you said, a wink here and there does a lot to keep things happening between the two of you :)


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