Monday, November 7, 2016

One Bad Apple Can Spoil The Whole Bushel...

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One Bad Apple Spoils The Whole Basket

Have you ever felt like a total stranger in your own skin?

Sometimes when I travel I feel so out of my element;
This not a totally bad thing as we all most learn to be more flexible.

Our routines can become such a comfort to us!
Yet we can become stiff with them also.

Well, my title today, says so much about us now days!
We live in a world where there are NO Absolutes
Everything is open to ones own interpretation...

So here is the problem;
One bad apple does spoil the whole basket of fruit if not removed quickly!

I think many of us have looked at the ways that our society has been moving.
We know something is wrong!
We may feel helpless as what we might be able to do about it!

But this is where I usually go back to my secured refuge of home!
By staying home and keeping my own home running smoothly.

We all have a chance to make a difference!

Make some changes within your home!
Encourage a friend with a timely word!
Get rid of the negative media and so called opinionated people,
That causes your blood pressure to rise.

We all have that one person or situation that seems like it
has become the thorn in our sides.

Allow it to be used to refine yourself as the Lord leads.
But say enough when it gets out of control and start stinking!

I have seen many people shipped wrecked over a bad apple.
Use wisdom dear ones!!

Do not allow someone else dictate your joy or position in life!

Take control and give it to God!

We are all living from glory to glory...


  1. I do think we can control our actions and reactions to what is going on around us. That was one of my dad's favorite rotten apple can spoil the whole bushel.... That is so true.
    It is kind of like 'birds of a feather flock together'. Sadly, one GOOD bird won't have much effect on a whole flock of BAD birds...but the bad birds can sure pull the other one down into the mire with them. xo Diana

  2. May we stick close to the Lord Jesus and pay attention to Him as he leads us away from the bad apples in our lives. Biblical separation from those things that are harmful to us is so important. A lesson for us all! and our homes need to be a safe haven like you said.

  3. Hi Roxy, Nice of you to visit tonight. I hope you are enjoying a very nice week.

  4. Oh dear, I may be that opinionated person. =D We have the proverbial problem of each one doing right in our own eyes...that's a Cain problem. Time to line up with God's ways. Then we'll all be pulling in the same direction for a change. What a difference that would make, eh? Yes, home becomes a refuge and a comfort, but perhaps God is wanting to draw us out a little more.

  5. I love your outspokenness. This is going to be the way Americans are talking in the future: good honest truth and good comparisons and figures of speech.

  6. Hi Roxy,
    I love visiting your blog and your uplifting post. I enjoyed this very much today! :)

    Thanks for your visit and congrats on my blog anniversary. The past 4 years have gone by so fast! I am so happy we became blog friends. Thanks for your lovely posts.

    Hugs, Julie


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