Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How Can I Do Everything Well...

" The humblest tasks get beautified If loving hands do them"

Louisa May Alcott

How can I do everything well??

That is the question of the lifetime of anyone desiring a life
Filled with good things that leave a lasting impression!

Well, may I not burst your bubble;
But it is impossible to do everything well.

So many are so stretched out in their time and resources.
I have taught here on this Blog about the spirit of excellence.

Doing a job or a task requires us to be mindful!
If you are involved in every little thing on the docket;
You my friend will have to realize that something will slip!

When I was a young woman, newly married, so I wanted to be
The very best of all that was before me!
My desire was to be the best;
So I asked a lovely older woman how I could accomplish this.

She smiled at me and told me this;
Something will have to give!!

If you give all that you have on any given day
 "All Your time and energy and happy mood"
Something or more importantly, someone will suffer!

I was shocked...
Really, I asked?


So as I pondered this newly acquired truth,
I prayed and tried to educate myself on this thought provoking truth!

What did I learn?

Each day must be given to God!
Make a point to truly engage and encourage my Husband.
Spend my words and time with my children to let them grow!
"But being careful to not allow them to think
 That the world
Revolved around them"

Listen you can do something very well daily!!

Choose wisely what that might be!

Good marriage
Kind children
Blessed home

A home flowing with milk and honey
~May Your Home Never Know Hunger~

From glory To glory


  1. Beautiful! I am so grateful to my loving husband.

  2. I just love the quote at the top...so very true, I think! Thanks so much for these wise words...great post, Roxy. Hugs and blessings!

  3. It's true, we cannot do everything. And we cannot do everything well. We have to focus on the most important things, and let a lot of the other stuff go. I'm thinking of this as I'm doing a lot of decluttering. Am I going to do all these craft projects?? Or should I just focus on a couple that I can learn and do well? This has lots of applications. xo Deborah

  4. Wise words as always!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  5. This is something that I have been pondering much lately. Something I'm trying to show my girls. They have more energy then I, but I want them to understand that everything has it's place, and people are more important than things. So make sure you have a balance between having the "perfect home" and the "perfect homeschool" and the "perfect marriage" and the "perfect children". You are so right to take it all to the Lord in prayer and allow Him to help direct your day!


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