Thursday, February 22, 2018

When The Battle Is Not Yours...

Give it to the Lord, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

This battle is not yours!

There are times we must fight and stand and persevere;
But, may I add that there just may be a battle line drawn in the sand
You do not have to pull and tug and groan in pain...

Taking my hands off is a very wise thing to do when;
The battle gets fierce and you grow weaker...


He loves it when we say;
I am weak, but He is strong...

The Battle Belongs To The Lord

Sometimes we just have to let the chips fall where they may!
Because He holds not only the keys, but the map!

This is a treasure to stop and lay my burdens down!
We can even look foolish thinking we are in control of
God's creation, and His created beings!

Yup, laying my burdens down!

Resting and trusting in the bigger plan!

Life can become a bit like a domino effect!
One domino starts to fall and then the ripple effect.

But, for now I am just watching the dominos fall where they may!
Instead, I choose to study and read the scriptures...
Every time the fear raises its ugly head, I just look to Him!

It truly can't get any simpler than this dear ones!

I am taking a break of thinking I need to do or say something
To make these dominos stop falling!

I am so thankful for His peace and wisdom;
For every situation and season in my life.

Having a strong foundation allows you to weather out a storm in
His fortress!

Learning and leaning into His everlasting arm

To God be the Gory for the great things He has done!

Just remember this;
He Is Faithful...


  1. Amen! Really nothing else is necessary. The battle does indeed, belong to the Lord. He can handle it much better than I can.

  2. Thank you Roxy. Your posts are always thought provoking. Have a blessed day!

  3. Wonderful post and one we all need to remember. Hope that His grace is lifting you up and strengthening you.

  4. I try to keep reminding myself, God is in control.

  5. Yes- There are times when we have to step back, let go and turn it over to God. Prayers for whatever you might be going through, dear Roxy. xo Diana

  6. This not only applies to our husband's jobs, but also the media broadcasts, the behavior of our friends and relatives, and natural disasters. It is a hard thing to stop trying to make things better for everyone if you are used to being a responsible person. Remember the story of the lady's dog!

  7. Your posts are always so inspiring and wise Roxy ! So many situations in my life I have had to do what you say - turn it over to God. It always surprises me the way he tends to it and with many things, it appears nothing is happening, but still I trust.
    Blessings to you ~ Linda

  8. I realized a long time ago that when I try and control things, I am not trusting the Lord. It is imperative to surrender our will to His in all things and trust in His sovereignty, not ours! Great post, Rox! {{hugs}}

  9. Praise God to know and be able to let go and let the Lord take care of things. His ways are always best, and he can fight the battles for us far better then we can.


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