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Lilacs And The Love Of Peace And Quiet...

Lilacs are Lovely, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Finding Peace...

I will be the first one to tell you this about myself;
I love having a peaceful and quiet home!

And as you all well know,
Life has a way of becoming loud and busy!

The other night we were all siting down and watching a movie;
And snap, crackle and pop
It started to hail!

Our daughter and her family have come for a visit,
And she has six children, two dogs, and a cat!
Now it is so busy here!
I love seeing the grandchildren and talking with them!

But I feel like my bed is calling me at 8:30 pm
I have written about this very thing of
feast or famine in my days!

It all may just be a part of getting older!

 I always have so many ideas and plans rolling around in my head.
 But implementing them has become a challenge.

I am learning to enjoy the busy moments!
It's just that my body does not always go along with this mode of thinking!

I find myself thinking more and more about hiring some help;
Someone I could be a blessing to, and yet have some help!!
It takes me way longer to clean as when I was a younger women.

Maybe this might be a season to declutter and rethink as to how,
I may keep my house clean!

I cleaned homes for others as a young mother,
It was a blessing to receive payment for doing housework!

Even after a day in town shopping, I find myself tired!

Yet, when it is to quiet!
I feel a sense of loneliness...

Finding peace can seem allusive;
But it is always there,
~ just quiet your heart and close your eyes even but for a moment~

Much Love...


  1. Oh I feel like I could have written much of this article. The part at the end about quieting your heart and closing your eyes makes such a difference. If we but focus on the LORD and the peace He offers for a few moments, it is calming.

  2. Hi Roxy, I very much enjoyed this post. I also appreciate a quiet home, but like you too much quiet and I have that sense of loneliness. I'm thankful I go to my daughters twice a week (when I'm well enough) and that seems to top me up just right. I also need to de-clutter !!! Oh my I have things stuffed away for what reason? It's like I think I'm living during the depression times...I hang on to small bits of fabric..small bits of lots of things really..sigh Do I not think my heavenly Father will provide? It's a question I have to challenge myself with often. Thank you for reminding me I really must get onto things like this. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  3. We are "Kindred Spirits". I'm feeling the slow down, too.
    My daughter will have six children this Summer. I know the loneliness when they leave.
    So, happy to find and hear, that I'm not alone in my feelings.
    And, yes, God is enough!

  4. Quality time can be so elusive these days. You are not the only one who feels the need for more energy. I have started trying to remember to use 20 minute time blocks to see what I can do. I definitely know what you mean about not being able to clean the house like I once did. I see that only getting worse with age:) Yikes! I am working on simplifying things because less is easier to clean for sure.
    I do stop frequently when I am feeling uneasy and count my blessings. We live in a world where so much is coming in that we can feel like we are not enough or that the house isn't clean enough, but our family probably doesn't notice it.

  5. I have someone come once a month to help me clean for about 5 hours. It's not much, but just enough to keep me from feeling overwhelmed with the housework. I'm decluttering a lot just for that very fact -- less to clean! I like my quiet time too, but there's nothing like family coming to visit. xo

  6. I so appreciate my quiet/alone time. My husband's work schedule allows me the opportunity to have plenty and it just works for us. Rarely do I ever feel lonely because it is during these times I am most creative...whether it be with projects, my photography (which can be a form of worship sometimes) writing in my blog or just being able to have time to myself to do whatever....OR nothing at all but sit quietly with Jesus. Great post, Roxy!

  7. I just started reading your blog a couple of weeks ago and love it! I was so touched by your honesty as I too am at the age where I am slowing down by increments and love to keep a clean home, which puts me in a conundrum at times. Windows etc. actually take planning ahead now...And my home can be a bit quiet until hubby gets home from work, but I am sooo greatful to be a keeper at home, there is a contentment about it I can't explain, and I love to read about other women who feel the same. Blessings.

  8. Thank you for sharing your wisdom of quietness, and working though what the Lord brings your way. How nice that you can spend time with family...but still find time to rest.
    Praying you have a peaceful day!

  9. Your letter was very welcoming to me today. Thank you ever so much for sharing your heart with us. I enjoy and need a 20 minute nap once a day. I don't feel guilty for allowing myself to rest.


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