Sunday, September 9, 2018

A Gentle Quiet Spirit...

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Making Time To Enjoy...

Savor the flavor of those wonderful things that last for only a short time.
When I stop to think back over some of the most vivid memories;
I can truly say they are the things that smell wonderful!
Or the warmth of a cozy kitchen,
Seeing the steam rise from a freshly brewed cup of tea!
And the aroma of a pot of coffee brewing!

I can still feel the warm fuzzy feeling, when someone spoke
A wise and loving word to my weary soul!

Over the years I have learned the importance of encouraging myself
As the Psalms speak of as David did for himself...

Tell me how do you encourage yourself?

I can feel as small as a we bit of sand at times;
But the vastness of My Fathers World will calm my beating heart!

I think in order to truly have a gentle, quiet spirit A woman must
Learn the fine art of encouraging one's own self!
And to learn to appreciate doing things that bring
fulfillment and joy
~small comforts to one's own heart~

I enjoy thinking of one thing I might do daily to bring a sense of well being;
to my HOME and to those that I can inspire and touch with a bit of being,
content and happy...

Being close to those that want to be close to you!
It's not always about reaching out!
But taking hold and staying steady...

As Always: 
Because He lives I can face tomorrow!!!

Living From Glory To Glory

Love, Roxy


  1. To encourage myself, first I read my Bible.
    I also bake something for my neighbors or my grand kids. When I give something that is made with love, I feel so much better.
    Also, clean sheets will put me in the best mood! My husband enjoys this also.

  2. Great post! I completely agree about learning to encourage ourselves to find fulfillment.

  3. I find encouragement by reading my Bible, reading a devotional, prayer, stopping for a tea break, enjoying the beauty of nature, reading uplifting books, going for a walk, visiting with my children and grandchild, cooking and baking for the family, and enjoying the house after I've cleaned it. Basically slowing down to appreciate the little things in life, and being grateful brings me encouragement.

  4. I started a post on my blog a couple of years ago or more that I never finished. The title was actually called Encourage Yourself...I had seen a message preached by Dr. Charles Stanley and he was talking about how important it was to encourage ourselves with different ways we experience God's love that He has for us. At the time I just titled the post so I would remember to write it when I had time...and then it got lost in my dashboard and as far as I know it's still there. You have inspired me to go dig it out and finish it!

  5. Because He lives I can face tomorrow!!! Yes! And our next few tomorrows are in preparation for the hurricane, which is always unpredictable but we have a plan...sort of. :-)

  6. The old hymns are such an encouragement to me. One of my favorites has been It Is Well With My Soul, it is one I go to a lot these past months. I also enjoy baking for people along with canning. A friend shared apples and pears with me it has been so enjoyable canning them knowing I will enjoy them this winter along with giving them for gifts. Spending time with my kids and grandkids is always so refreshing and spending time with special friends.
    Have a Happy Fall
    Hugs, Cheryl

  7. Thanks to Out of Goshen I’ve discovered your blog, thank you for your message. I’ll be back!

  8. "I think in order to truly have a gentle, quiet spirit A woman must Learn the fine art of encouraging one's own self! And to learn to appreciate doing things that bring
    fulfillment and joy ~small comforts to one's own heart~

    Adding this to my favorite quote journal Roxy. Your blog is something that brings encouragement as I visit.


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