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Stocking Up On Taters And Dehydrating Frozen Vegtables...

 Potatoe A Life Staple, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

Potatoes In Your Pantry

Hopefully you're all very busy stocking your pantry.

Potatoes are a staple in my pantry.

But they have become very high priced.

I have bought shredded frozen Hash browns and then dehydrated them.

My daughter told me to buy the canned ones, as they are easy to fry up,

And to use them in soups or a small batch of potato salad.

Also purchased dried flaked potatoes for mashed taters.

If you have not started your stocking up, I am afraid you will

Be paying a much higher price, so don't wait any longer!

The potatoes  were almost 12.00 dollars a 5lb. bag!!

I will check our local Farmers Market today.

I have pressured canned potatoes many years ago when prices were high.

I think I may be putting some up again.

Do what you can ladies to feel the wonderful feeling of

Putting up the harvest or bounty.

Do you have a dehydrator?

This little machine is a work horse for

 Putting up a long term vegetable's.

It's really easy if you buy frozen ones, then put in the dehydrator,

~I have done frozen bags of these items so far~

Peas, Shredded potato, spinach, onions. green beans,

Carrots, mixed vegetables!

Going to get some frozen Kale for soups later to dehydrate.

As you do not have to blanch them.

Then I place them in a glass jar and vacuum seal them for the long term.

But if you just want them for your daily cooking just keep

In a cool, dark pantry and use in soups and stews.

They rehydrate really well, Just place some in a boil and add some hot water.

Dehydrate Store Bought Frozen Veggies, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What are you doing to combat high food prices?

Buy on sale...

Buy in bulk...

Buy at least 5 of everything when shopping of even one item...

Build up your Pantry...

Get creative...

Everyone can do something...

I have been so busy putting food for my Family

May you see and Feel the URGENCY also...

As always Living From Glory To Glory

Pray for Our Country

Prepare For Hard Times

Is Fun working on Your Pantry...

Tell me are your eyes open or are you still sleeping?

Hugs  Roxy


  1. We have had our eyes wide open for years. We have two large dehydrators and use them daily. They are great for dehydrating garden herbs, garden veggies, medicinal herbs and flowers and, as you mentioned, frozen vegetables. We buy 16 ounce containers of organic fresh spinach and kale at either Walmart or Sam's and dehydrate the fresh greens. They come out ready to crumble for use in soups, stews, on pizza or to powder to add to most anything. I vacuum seal the jars and set them, labeled, in our food storage room. Thanks for your posts.

  2. My eyes are open, but I refuse to give in to fear. I am well stocked, but not hoarding. One thing I am doing differently is that when an item is on a good sale, instead of buying one, I will buy two. That, believe it or not, is a new concept for me. I still don't go over my grocery budget.

  3. Can I ask what kind of dehydrator do you use. I had one many years ago but it is now lost.

  4. You can also purchase the dried hashbrown shreds in milk carton type containers, just make sure it doesn't contain dairy. I have the Presto dehydrator that I'm happy with that I dehydrate frozen veggies from time to time or veggies and fruits that have seen better days. It's very good that you are providing info on this kind. My grandparents were from the Depression and my grandma told the true story how she had to wait for the chicken to lay an egg to make my mother an egg sandwich for her lunch to bring to school that morning. My mom said they were happy as larks though...They didn't know they were poor. : )

  5. I can/freeze/dehydrate anything and everything I can from my garden. Prices on food are definitely rising, and its good to have extras on hand. I have been buying 2 of things that store well also.

  6. My eyes are open. I have little in storage, but I'm trying little by little. I have begun substitute teaching so that we can build up some savings, have money to stock up on things and pay for my daughter's wedding.

  7. I am also curious as to what kind of dehydrator you are using. And, can you share how you vacuum seal the glass jars with the dehydrated goods in them? Thank you!

  8. I have my eyes open and have been stocking up a little here and there. When I see canned goods on sale or clearance, I buy extra. I did notice how high potatoes have gotten. Today I bought some flakes to use for mashed potatoes. Our potatoes were almost $7 for 5 lbs!

  9. Just popping in to let you know that I hope you are doing well, and that I am missing your words of wisdom! (-:

  10. I don't normally use potato flakes but we bought some the other day and they were really good. Publix had a BOGO sale on the packages so they came out to 50 cents each. I stocked up my pantry and will get more later this week, Lord willing. --- Elaine


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