Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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"Why I Blog"
I really laughed over this silly picture.  I actually found it on someones blog.
To be a blogger or not is the question.
  We must have this deep sense and longing of being a  part of a bigger picture.
It always seems to be a pulling and a fulfilling feeling, as you push the publish
button.  We really all do have a story.  I like to read the tidbits of a life that is being
lived far away or maybe very close to ones heart.
We are a rare and beautiful breed.
We love ,we write, we cry, we sing, we dance,we create,
we live and we die.
This life is but a vapor.
May I leave a legacy, not with just written words, but memories,
filled with hope and kindness.
I long to be noticed, yet shy away from to much attention.
I desire to laugh long and hard, but not to hurt any ones feelings.
I long to be a gourmet cook, but a grilled cheese is my dinner plan.
I desire to be the perfect wife, yet I was short with him on the phone.
I long to write a book, yet I journal every morning of my private thoughts.
May my days be filled with words of highest praise,
to the one, I long to hear Him say:
Well done good and faithful servant!
Blessings To You All, Roxy


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