Thursday, June 13, 2013

Smooth Hand And A Cool Touch

My Smart Phone was returned today!
I am going to tell you something...
I am not making this up!
Know matter how hard or easy I swiped my finger
Over the screen it would do nothing.
Natttta Nothing
Everyone else had no problems swipping and pulling up
 Any app or enlarging the context.
I am like what the heck !!

Silly Rabbit

So I got this one to replace it!


Not Really !
They told me because I have too cold of finger tips,
And to smooth finger tips, the phone could not
pick up the touch.
They actually felt sorry for me in the store.
They said we know it is not something you could help.
So I now am a proud owner of a new updated
Stupid Phone :)
Some things are just made to last!

Call Me!


  1. Ha ha ha, you crack me up Rox. Well I am a stupid phone owner too if that is any conciliation; traded out a while back... I had problems with my smart phone too... only different; mine would call people while I was talking to other people; and then I would be talking to a lot of people, but not necessarily the people I meant to talk to. So sometimes stupid is better... or stupid as stupid does? no that can't be right... smart is as stupid does... oh well, I'm going to bed.

  2. That is hysterical. Ummmm...Would your hubby say you were COLD to the touch? lol You know the old saying- cold hands-warm heart. Cold hands-No worky phoney- xo Diana

  3. Oh my, that is just too funny! I can just imagine the look on the salesperson's face. Wonder if there is an army of 'cold fingered' people out there??

    Welcome back to the stupid-phone club. Glad to have you back!

    Peace in Christ,

  4. You know- I think any kind of phone is over rated! Smart phone, stupid phone, clunky phone.... it doesn't matter. I think they all have issues! Oh man... and the telemarketers?! Now if you didn't have a phone, imagine how much more you would accomplish in a day?! So glad this day is almost over! It's been a doozy!
    Love Ya,

  5. Funnily enough I have a new smartphone, arrived just last week - the one you can scroll with your eyes or hand gestures which I cannot get the hang of. The voice recognition is great except it doesn't understand my accent, so back to typing in my destination on the GPS which was great for finding my way to a friend's house in the country last week. But I have to say I am loving having such clear photos on there to show people and having pinterest on my phone is very useful when discussing ideas with other people. Even my kids are jealous that I now have the most tech savvy phone in the family which they think is hilarious as I've turned off its most advanced features and was always forgetting to take my phone with me or losing it in my handbag and forever missing calls!

  6. I'll keep my old stupid phone.~smile~
    I about fainted when my 17 year old showed up with a $300 smart phone he had bought second hand without even talking to us! He had to get his own phone plan, because we won't pay for it!!!
    He's been doing a lot without consulting us. Part of the trouble.
    Not that he's in trouble, but....


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