Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Grand Mothers Blue and White Stoneware...

Blue and White Antique Stoneware, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Vintage Blue And White Stoneware...

I have so many memories from this set of canisters;
They were all in my Grandmother's kitchen!
They were all used everyone of them!
There are 16 of them!
There is smaller ones for the spices and one for rock salt.

I have had this set from the first year I was married!
I once had a friend's sister come out to the house;
And she had an antique store in Kansas.
She told me she has never seen a complete set of this canisters!
Only two of them have a chuck missing on the top.
But I still have the little broken pieces of them!

I think many of us have such fond memories of those special things either from 
Our grandparents or our parents' homes.

I love my things that have sentimental value...
I find comfort in them!

I do not think I would be very good at having to live a lifestyle of
Less is More...
No, not me!

I love my books and my doilies and my tablecloths!
I have more tea cups and tea pots, then you need!

I love having seasonal decor and decorations to display!

Living in a warehouse for many is so popular!
Not me, I prefer a cottage and a home that is filled with love!
And my stuff...

Pretties are important to me!
Not that I couldn't live without them.
But since I can have them, I enjoy them!

As I believe you can make a home lovely with pretty things!
But clutter and just junky stuff is not good for anyone.

I ask myself;
Do You love this?
Does it carry wonderful memories?
Is it worth, the space it takes up?

P.S. Just a thought;
Do you ever go back to a blog and to see if the author has
left a reply to your comment?
I now have a new comment section with a reply response;
So I may be using it to respond!
Tell me what you think!!

Blessings, Roxy
Living From Glory To Glory


  1. I love that blue and white set, Roxy. It is just gorgeous.
    I love things that have special meanings and family connections.
    I have started downsizing and getting rid of some of my collections. I do have daughters that want some of the stuff so that helps...and the boys like bits and pieces, too.

    I, personally, never go back to a blog to read a response. I just don't have the time..and I very seldom read other bloggers comments that have left a comment before me on someone's blog. I never reply to anyone on my blog --well, I have done that maybe twice in all my years of blogging...because someone asked me to leave them a reply.

    Don't know if that helped you at all-I am sure there are people that do go back to read replies. xo Diana

  2. Hi Roxy :)
    I too enjoy my pretties !! I sometimes look around my house reflecting on who gave me this or that, or where I purchased something. It always beings that moment back into my mind and it's lovely. My husband often jokes if we are out shopping and I'm admiring a bowl (kitchen crockery)..he will say "Really, do we need more bowls?". We don't, but I love them all the same.
    Blessings to you Roxy, I so enjoyed this post :)

  3. I have a few times but not often gone back and checked to see if there was a reply. I get my comments by email when someone comments. Love the blue canister set.

  4. Love the post! I highly agree. I'm not a fan of clutter but like you I have my special china ( Germany from mom) my tablecloths and no way am I ever getting rid of my doilies . As all of my cousins-and I have lots of them- got rid of all of what they call "old fashioned way of decorating" Iam embracing all of my "lovelies"
    No siree Iam holding all of mine and enjoying them! (35 years now and going....)
    I enjoy your posts very much!!
    Happy Fall! 🍁🍂

  5. Roxy,
    Your blue and white canister set is gorgeous! Really looks so nice with the flowers too! Yes my grandmother's house was a favorite place for me and I remember all of her pretty things. I have some of them in my home now too! Good memories!

  6. I grew up eating off of Blue Willow Dinner Ware. It came from my grandmother. How I wish it was still around! Times changed and mom eventually went went Corelle. I get it, but those plates, oh my they were beauties. I agree minimal living is not for me. I like pretties too.

  7. Hi Roxy, oh i really like the blue and white canister set. it looks so pretty! Blue and white decor seems to be popular right now. I agree with you about the style of a house with pretty things too. I am a traditional girl at heart. I hope you are enjoying fall.
    Regarding the responding and commenting to people on your own blog seems to be popular right now.I know some bloggers who do that. I usually respond to a blogger by email.
    Take care and enjoy the week.

  8. I love all of that pretty blue! Like you, I have way more than I will ever use but many of the pieces are near and dear to my heart. I like to call mine "organized clutter"! Nope, no minimalist here...and I do love to share my treasure with my family. Like you said, they are usually tied to memories and leave me with a peaceful feeling. I never go back to visit a blog looking for a reply to me but have inadvertently found one! But there many bloggers who keep the conversation going by their email which is so much easier. Great post, Roxy!

  9. Beautiful set - what a precious keepsake!

  10. Hi Roxy, that canister set is amazing! Extra special because your grandmother used it. I too love pretty things and can not live with less is more. I keep thinking I need to downsize a little, but can't bring myself to do it. :) I never find the time to go back and see if a blogger left a reply. Sometimes I receive replies through google.

  11. They are beautiful, Roxy! We had a nice canister set before moving, but could not take it with us. But my husband had a nice one here too. I agree, I like my pretty things in the house too, but clutter isn't good for anyone. It's paperwork it seems that causes so much clutter! And things that are broken and should be gotten rid of. It's so nice to make our homes beautiful.

  12. Hi Roxy, I have so many dishes from my childhood and my sweet mother-in-law.They are in a China cabinet right in front of our dining room table. I enjoy looking at them while I eat. They bring back such happy memories. I will keep them always.
    As for checking for a reply to a comment, I always do.

  13. I love your blue and white stoneware with the fall flowers! My kitchen is blue & white, as well. I have "down-sized" quite a bit the past few years, but some things I have held onto, they bring me joy when I use them. I would love to be able to sit in your kitchen with you and catch up on life. I love you and miss you!

  14. Your blue and white stoneware is beautiful and how amazing that you still have it from your grandmother's collection! We have downsized a lot but I still have to have my pretties, my favorite tea cups and pot and things that are Treasures. I'm interested to see what you're trying with your reply and commenting section. Blessings and hugs!

  15. Your grandmother's stoneware is wonderful, Roxy, and such a treasure to remind you of her every day. I love my 'stuff', too - I'm definitely not a minimalist! I do pack things up and replace them seasonally, though, so as not to get too 'cluttered'. I especially love those things given to me as gifts, and things I've found on shopping trips with loved ones. When I travel, I try to find 'useful' souvenirs to display in my home - things I can use that remind me of special times. My home is also quite small, so I have to be very careful of what I bring home - it has to be 'useful, small and beautiful'. As far as replies on comments, I only return if I have asked a question and only reply on my blog if someone asks me a question. I simply don't have time to reply to everyone, unfortunately. I do try to visit as often as I can, though, because I love my blog friends. Hugs xo Karen

  16. Well, I'm going to rant a moment here . . . I just read about a book on decluttering called Swedish Death Cleaning. Yes. The idea that you should start paring down, as early as in your 50s, decluttering so that when you die your children don't have a mess to deal with. I think what bothered me was the article about it was written by a young woman trying to get her father to get rid of his hobby of clipping book reviews from newspapers so she wouldn't have to deal with all the paper when he died. So selfish! Let him enjoy his stuff!
    Of course, we should try to have our affairs in order. But tea cups and books and the things that make us happy should have a place in our homes! This minimalism stuff sometimes goes too far.
    haha rant over. xo Deborah


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