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How To Decorate A Miniature Doll House...


A Minature Doll House, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Here is the doll house I worked on all last spring!
It was a doll house already constructed;
My daughter found it on Craig's list for me, now that was such
a nice and easy way to start my project to decorate it for the State Fair!

It was a pretty blue color, but was faded and and some yellowing.
I felt that I was more of a yellow color kinda gal,
especially for a Victorian style home.

A Minature Victorian Doll House, Living From Glory To Glory Blog

The cost of this doll house was only thirty dollars,
I truly felt I had found the bargain I was hoping for!
Because, I first went to Hobby Lobby and brought home
a very large box filled with a zillion pieces...
My son told me this;
"Mother this will only take you maybe 300 hours to construct and paint!"

I looked at him and said your kidding right?
Well needless to say I closed that huge box up and
returned it to Hobby Lobby.

Minature Doll House, Living from glory to glory blog...

It took over three coats of paint to cover the faded and dulled blue color.
I primed it inside and out, then painted the outside a pretty yellow.

I also had to paint the inside with primer and still three coats of a beige color.

Decorating the kitchen was so much fun!
Cherry curtains and sweet place mats and a apron I sewed for it!
Minature Country Doll House Kitchen, Living from Glory To Glory Blog...
I also made a little red rug!

I went to Hobby Lobby every few days buying little kitchen things.
Went to a specialty shop and found some darling treasures.
I also ordered a few things on line.
~Everything Miniture~

My Little Itsy Bitsy Apron

The bedroom was really fun!
loved the little Hope Chest filled with goodies
I made little perfume bottles from glass beads!
Also, I sewed the bedding, a wee comforter blanket and shams.
Pillows and the bed skirt...
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

This room I used as the office, loved that little Banjo!!!
Everything in the details...
My Granddaughter made me some wee little colored pencils.
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

And of course I had a sewing room in the attic!
I found a little box with spools of thread,
How adorable is that??
It even has a little ironing board and iron.
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

Here is the whole layout of the house!
The living room had a fireplace, and of course a kitty and a puppy!
Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

I really enjoyed doing this project!
It was a challenge and took a few months to paint and to decorate!

My grandson said now let me get this straight;
You paid only thirty dollars for it, but what did all the furnishings cost?
"We won't go there"

It was a project I always wanted to do!
I did enter it into the State Fair and I did take 3rd place!
That was really amazing, because you would be surprised at how many
 there were in the minature doll House category!

It was something that brought me great joy;
And taught me that it is in the details;
No matter how small a thing is it can be big...

Now, I am thinking about entering something for this year;
I may or may not, as it all depends if I can get a project started
and completed before next month...
(Me Laughing Hysterically)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my sweet project;
I told my youngest granddaughter she could have it one day!

Sending a hug to each of you out in Blogland...
Love, Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Oh so pretty! I bet you did find joy in this project. Good for you!

  2. Your miniature doll house will be an heiress, passed down.
    We have one, my mom made for my daughter. Now, my grand daughters play with it.

  3. Hi Roxy,
    I think your doll house is magnificent !!! Well done on all your hard work and congratulations on winning a prize too :) My little grand daughters would be very impressed with it I'm sure.
    Blessings to you ~ Linda

  4. I love it! My favorite is the little refrigerator with the apron hanging from the sunflower. Congratulations on taking 3rd place!

  5. wow, that is so beautiful!

  6. Roxy this dollhouse is beautiful.💛💛

  7. Wow Roxy! The details in this little house are amazing in all the work that you went to, to make it authentic and realistic is just incredible! I think you should have won first place! Truly a treasure that you can pass down from generation to generation!

  8. It's just wonderful Roxy! All the special details you put together. I love the apron and the other tiny handmade things you added. Worth all the work you put into it!

  9. Oh my did an amazing job! And what fun! It's on my list of things I would love to find. I would love to find one already made up too and have the fun of decorating it. You are is your precious daughter! Hugs!

  10. I don't know I got disconnected from getting your posts in my email...I thought you might have taken a blogging break...I see several posts that I have missed! I went back and followed through my email again and it said "welcome back"...I never even knew I had! Anyway, I fixed that and am catching up. You should be very proud of this darling doll did a fantastic job on it! And golly, I just want to jump right in the middle of that take and snuggle down in the covers!


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