Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Truth About Tattoos and Piercings...

 With great trepidation, I write this post.
I always want to love and encourage woman!
Let there be no condemnation to any of
My dear sisters in this post, or video clip.
May it be perceived in love.
We stay quiet at times for fear of offending.
But, we may be too quiet and in that we not addressing
Showing, what might be harmful to someone. 

Also, there is a scripture about tattoos in the Old Testament
Leviticus 19: 28
I watched this video myself many months back and I
 felt very sad for the many truths he spoke about
in this video.
We live in such a day that we really don't think
about the way something will affect us
long term.
I invite you to watch and listen to this video!
Click on the address below:

Blessings, Roxy


  1. Thanks for sharing the video. I watched the whole thing. It's well presented. I'll be sharing it with a teenager I know who just asked this question of me. ~ Abby

  2. Hello!
    I am a woman with tattoos, so naturally when this post caught my eye I had to respond!
    First of all I'd like to make clear that I walk with Jesus Christ. I try my very best to live in accordance with his wishes and also in compliance with God's plan for me.
    Having said that, I also know the pro's and con's concerning tattoo's, so I won't go into that. I do want to point out one thing, that perhaps will clarify to some of my sisters in Jesus Christ why devout women (in my opinion) should get a tattoo if they really want one.
    My point in a nutshell: They're not bad.
    Every tattoo on my body (they can all be covered by normal clothing, as I don't swim in public and try to be modest)is a marker of time. sometimes, when things get tough, I look at one of my tattoos and I'll instantly realize that I've been to tougher spots.
    It's also about owning the skin I live in. I used to be very negative and self-concious about my body, but the tattoos give me something to love (I don't have the celtic swirls and that kind of thing, but unique designs) about it.
    I can honestly say that all of the above comments hurt me. Might be a little sensitive, but really, it's true. I know what the consequences are of permanently changing your skin and appearance, and as for old-fashioned: no, they're not. They are timeless. They're not generally bad for your health, as the people who I went to to get them were professional, clean, and knew about their care. And to make them illegal... I am not a child. I know what I'm doing. Just because they're against your taste, that doesn't mean that I can't be allowed to get them. I was 21 years old when I got my first one and I can honestly say that I have never regretted any.
    I hope you won't just diregard what I'm saying and try to see the point from my side, as that's the only way to truly choose a side: conteplating both at first and choosing, in stead of taking a stance blindly and not pursuing other points of view.



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