Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time For Company...

Make Time For Company Dear Ones!

Why is it important to have company in your home?
Firstly, it is biblical...
We want to please the Lord, so He has asked us to open your hearts,
And your HOME to bless and encourage others!

When you realize how refreshment comes you will understand why
 We should make it a priority to have company;
The scripture tells us this:
"Those that refresh others will themselves be refreshed"

Making a casserole and a salad is very easy!
Bread and butter are a staple!
Making it easy and simple or as elegant as you want as it is up to you.

Learn a couple of yummy, and filling casserole recipes.
This is a must for a homemaker...
Ask some of your Lady friends for a copy,
 Of their tried and true casserole recipes!

Pull out the table and decorate is for any season we might be in;
Find some pretty dishes and tableware that is pleasing to the eye;
Or when you see pretty paper plates and napkins,
 Buy them for a future get together. 

I have always enjoyed the motivation that comes with opening my home.
I enjoy inviting friends and our Church family to come for dinner.

So once you have set a date;
You start planning what you will serve;
And I always get to cleaning the home and getting things tidy and in order.
I get inspired and it is a blessing to make an atmosphere filled with love.
 And find it helps knowing
That I am serving others as Jesus served us!
Jesus was the greatest servant of all!

Take pleasure in it!
Do not stress over it, learn to be a good hostess;
As if you are relaxed it will show by you enjoying the company and the meal!

And if dinner really is to much for you or not in your budget,
Have them over for snacks and dessert

I would think trying to invite company at least every other month,
 Find a good time span that works for your family.
 The more you do this the more you will enjoy it!

And I have always seen the company leave refreshed and blessed!
And if they ask can I bring something tell them yes!

A generous person will prosper;
Whoever refreshes others will be refreshed
Proverbs 11:25

The NKJ version say's watered instead of refreshed;
I love the word picture so much,
 Because we all need to be watered and refreshed...


  1. Company is essential for every one in all the places to share the happiness and sorrow.As you have said if we refresh others we will be refreshed.Our mind will be filled with happiness.
    Your dishes seems to be yummy!
    Table decorations are wonderful. Color attracts all.

  2. Just dropped by to tell you how much I like your apron that you made for Stephanie - very lovely.


  3. Your table spread looks SO delish, Roxy! Can I come??? I so appreciated this post...even more so wish I could live up to it. I am sorry to say I don't practice this as much as I should although I am such a people person! Thank you for the scriptural reminder that it is something God ASKS us to do!

  4. Your table is so pretty Roxy. When I was younger I would stress about having people over, I would have to make myself do it because I knew I needed to, now it's one of my favorite things to do. When I cook for company I do things that can be done well ahead of time like hearty soups so that I don't have to fret about the meal. Yes, we are to refresh others but I feel like getting together for a meal helps refresh me too, even if I am the hostess. ( BTW , I agree with Hope, Stephanie's apron was adorable)

  5. It is wonderful to encourage each other in the Lord. You are a blessing!

  6. This is SO BEAUTIFUL Roxie~ everything about it They are beautiful words of wisdom!

  7. Hello!
    I was so glad to see you!!
    As always.... another wonderful and inspiring post.
    This is an area that I need to improve upon. I rarely have company with the exception of family. I've been so busy that I haven't had a dinner party or friends over in a long time.
    I've been very blessed in this life and I try to be as generous to others as I can afford to be.
    It's always good to be reminded.
    With warm wishes,

  8. This is so good Roxy and it seems so very timely. I love getting all inspired to have a get together with friends or girlfriends. I agree we should plan to do these things, for life and time goes so very fast. We should honor our guests and fill their cups to overflowing!

    I'm all for being refreshed!

    Thanks for a lovely time this morning. It was a nice treat to have some time to just visit.


  9. Beautiful post, Roxy! My son and his girlfriend {I think she is the one! :)...doing the happy dance!} and all my family over last night to meet her. I LOVE feeding people. My mom was the same way so I am sure I learned from her.

  10. This is a great point. You have done well to remind us.

  11. What is a woman to do when company comes nearly every day. I love them all but I exaggerate not. Rarely do we as a family have a quite evening without someone visiting. I try to be a good hostess and Christian but no one's seems to understand how busy I am or how tired my husband is after a long day at work. And they never leave at an acceptable time. I always get comments about how much company we receive. Even the Ups man laughs. I actually plan times away so I can get a break but then end up feeling guilty. If anything was said all would be horribly hurt. S

  12. A close friend (I was in her home visiting one afternoon last week) texted me about 5:00 yesterday evening and asked if we'd like some company. I quickly checked with my husband then texted YES! Remember when folks used to drop in? I had put a small pot of ham and beans on (only 1 lb), but I told her we'd make a big pan of cornbread and asked her to have supper with us. She offered to bring dessert. Soon, we had four more at our table for the evening. Then, my daughter came home and her friend and mama stayed to visit, too. We had a houseful when we thought we'd be having a quiet evening. It was great fun. I loved the spontaneity of it. It reminded me of my childhood when friends and family were always welcome. If company came around dinner time, we'd just stretch whatever we had (put another bean in the pot so to speak). I miss that. I think I'm going to try to start having folks over more often. They know I've been going through these cancer treatments. They're not going to judge my housekeeping. Hugs to you Roxy! Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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