Saturday, November 24, 2012

A living Example

My Oldest Grand Daughter an my Youngest Grandson
Big sister is reading to her little brother.
I must admit it makes my heart feel so full, to see the love and care she is showing her little brother.  We live in such a day that we do not give the example and the home life to teach this to our children anymore.  With older siblings off to school or the wee ones in day care.  But thank God more and more families our working at keeping the family together.  And it is our biblical duty from the scriptures to help mentor, our daughters and encourage them in their pursuit to stay at home.
And to also thank our sons for allowing them to do so.
I realize we all can not stay at home!
But as I have said many times it is where your heart is !
May we all pursue to keep the home fires burning.
May our children say: There's NO place like home.
No matter how old or how far they live away:)
Blessings, Roxy

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  1. What a beautiful picture Roxy!!! I love to see this!!!! Xoxoxoxo


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