Thursday, November 15, 2012

Unique and Lovely

Unique Gift Wrapping
Here is a photo of last years birthday gift
from my sister.
I actually feel as excited over the way she wraps her
gifts, and the way she presents them, as
the thoughtful gifts she sends.
Last year each gift was wrapped in a lovely old
doily, tied with jute and a orange ribbon.
These doily's were also
sentimental as they belonged to
our mother.
I was just thinking of this as a great idea
to use, as we are so close to
the gift giving season.
There was also an idea that I used one year.
I bought a bunch of very inexpensive fabric,
and I sewed up bags to put gifts in.
I tied them with ribbon, and added a gift tag.
The tag was made out of brown paper
sacks cut out in a cute design.
I traced out the designs from my cookie cutters.
I know we all want to use our
resources wisely.
I think we can also give gifts of
things that already belong to us. Such
a much loved plate or bowl,
a treasured tea cup.
Think outside the media gift ideas!
Ask God for creative gift ideas!
To the man who please Him,
God gives wisdom, knowledge and happiness.
Ecclesiastes 2:26
Blessings, Roxy


  1. These are good ideas, Roxy. It is nice to put some extra thought into gift-giving.

  2. What a sweet thing your sister Barbie did. She knew exactly what was perfect for you. I am so glad you got a picture of it. I love sharing all these Ideas... its inspiring. I love this post Rox, and I appreciate your scripture verse for the day.

    Talk to you soon

  3. I agree! That's using creative wisdom.... When we have an idea, we really need to write it down and then try and create it. It's always so inspiring and a sweet touch to any gift. That was a great scripture for the day!
    Love ya,

  4. How lovely. Yes I think I will now go through some of my materials and use them for gift wrappings like you did and your sweet sister. I love the idea of making gifts or giving something of value that you own already.

    Love your posts so much Roxy!!

    ~ Marie


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