Friday, September 19, 2014

Pearls Never Go Out Of Style...

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I just loved her pearls...
It was that little added touch that made her so soft and gentle looking.
So many homemakers, do not care how they look anymore.
I believe there is a direct correlation to how you dress as to how you act!

So to see this simple pearl necklace that June is wearing, we are
still feeling the effects today!
Women who keep the home full time can still look
lovely and fashionable!
As we all know pearls will never go out of style.

I almost always wear an apron as soon as I dress for the day;
So I will not ruin my clothing while I cook and clean.

Being aware of how you dress and not looking frumpy;
Will help you feel more positive and proper.
We have such a casual attire;
Sloppy and manly seems the norm for most stay at home mommies!
And the older women have decided that it is just too much work.
Why has dressing lovely for the day become such a chore?
Just throw on some jeans and an old T-shirt, and your good to go!

Just makes me wonder how so many are having Tats and how nice
they think they look!
I must tell you this;
I have never seen a pretty tattoo!
No, not even those little flowers;
Or your little hearts...
Believe me, when you are about 60 years old you are going to wish
You had just bought a set of pearls!

Living from Glory to Glory Blog


  1. Ha :) This is great (and with a funny last liner)!! Have a lovely weekend Roxy!

  2. Good post! I am in love with monograms and pearls...always! Why would you want to mark your body with tatoos? I like the time I grew up in and am steadfast in upholding grace and the old saying of "pretty is as pretty does!"

  3. Hi there Roxy, I LOVE pearls and yes they never go out of style! Have a nice weekend.

  4. guess what I had on today Roxy? My pearls! and just an ordinary day at home, but I dressed well. And guess what? My husband came home for lunch as a surprise and took the afternoon off so I was doubly happy I looked nice :)

  5. Roxy, I love how you tell it like it is! So many young moms today slob around all day in their jammies, don't comb their hair, and still can't keep up with the home. Oh wait, I sort of did that today but then again, my back is out and I'm not young ;)

  6. I'd say you put forth some PEARLS OF WISDOM here today! Love it- xo Diana

  7. True, oh so true!
    I wear pearls everyday. Either earrings, ring or necklace (string or single). Yup, I'm a pearl girl!

    You last two sentences crack me up!

  8. I almost always dress with effort , whether at home or not. I like to add a little perfume, earrings and a necklace of some sort and I always do my hair and a little makeup on occasions.

    We had our fence replaced on Friday. After they had finished (and I had gone out to a book fair) one of the workers, an older man, turned to my husband and said "your wife looked beautiful , you are a fortunate man". My husband was tickle pink. The effort we make makes our husbands happy:)))

  9. So true Roxy, pearls do not go out of style! I have a photo of my sweet Aunt Viola doing dishes and wearing pearls. lol! True, so many do not clean up unless they are going out. I say let's greet the day all pretty and smiling!

  10. This is so true Roxy. We have forgotten how to be graceful and feminine. Especially when we are at home. I love pearls and I certainly love to wear them when I am home. I am not a fan of tattoos either. Great post.


  11. This is such wise advice! I wear my pearls nearly everyday. Thank you for this lovely post.

  12. FLY Lady preaches this sermon, too, to dress from head to toe and look nice. It's amazing how much more we get done when we're not in our PJs all day, too!

    I recently added many cute aprons to my "wardrobe." I love wearing a cute apron everyday and wish I had begun this pleasure early in my marriage... and life, for that matter.


  13. wonderful reminder...will wear mine more often, tho I did have them on yesterday and also for today...


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