Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Stop The Micro Manager Mode...

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The Manager And The Micro Manager

Micro Manager sounds out of place in the context of working along
side of my Husband...
But this is what I find myself doing with all of our
 Home improvement projects!

I am very concerned with my feisty intent!
(That is what my Husband calls me)

Okay, after years of working along side my Husband in our
Many Home improvement endeavors.

I am still always trying to control how we should do this project
 step by step!

I am tired of hearing myself trying to tell him, how we
should be doing things.

Just for the record, my Husband is a Boss or Foremen of the
A facility, he works in.
 So he has had much experience in this skill.
So I guess he would recognize a micro- manager when he hears one.

Will I ever learn to be completely quiet
 in my assessments in our projects?

I am seriously doubting it at my age!

He says he likes it when I get feisty sometimes,
But other times he tells me to settle down.

Now, I want to explain that even though I am a very good painter;
And I am a good at caulking gaps
(You can either caulk or you cannot)
So, I do all the caulking that needs to be done.
I also work very hard to help my Hubby!
So WHY do I turn every project into;
The Mico- Manager mode?
(Code for Bossy)

I have found myself apologizing to him for
being so bossy!

But he has finally told me on this last project;
Honey, I do everything for you
You're the reason I do them...
And I do not mind that you get a little feisty once in a while!

I just didn't want you all to think that this little lady
Didn't have a bit of fire at times!

We were painting my spare room (sewing room)
A KISS of pink
And a Mint green
A white chair rail trim
A light taupe carpet color

So I used the name of the color of the paint as my humor
For being feisty
Every time I get into my Micro-Manager Mode =  BOSSY
I would KISS him and say
"A Kiss Of Pink Sweetie"
And I would KISS him...

The room looks great!
We survived another remodel project.
And I learned he is not even phased by my Micro-Manager disposition
(ONCE in a while)

He told me he loved my creative ideas
 and my willing to work hard beside him!
I think he likes me...

Are You a Micro Manager?
We need to be very careful that this character trait does not,
overflow into all areas. As then we become contentious.
And controlling (Bossy)

Keeping your communication open;
Looking at your motive!
Being a good co-worker is a great way to build a strong
Marriage in your home endeavors.

We are always building up our HOMES
Or tearing them down...

Living From Glory to Glory Blog
Working well alongside my Man...


  1. Funny! Sounds familiar. Mr. H says, "Shhh. You're too loud." or "Calm down, honey, calm down," or "Don't get yourself all worked up." My husband is either cool and calm or shut-down mode never at full speed like I am. Thank God! We could not live together. I say we compliment each other.

  2. Oh Roxy, this post brought a chuckle, since I am also a micro-manager (aka...bossy) when we are doing home improvement projects. But lately, I tend to just share my plans with hubby, then he says...'go for it!' :-) so far, this way has kept the peace ;D

  3. LOL- This is such a "real" post! I am a great micro-manager---when I am not Managing itself. I know--I know--I xo Diana

  4. You made me laugh Rox. Rox, I can picture the two of you. You are a cute couple. I look forward to seeing the outcome of your spare bedroom; I am sure it will be so cute.

  5. it is wonderful that you can do projects together and laugh about your tendencies to micro manage. Laughter and kisses can diffuse those tense situations!

  6. After a friend encouraged me to choose a word for my new year of life on my birthday, and to read Debbie MacComber's (spelling?) book "One Perfect Word," my word for 2014 was "refrain." Oh, the trouble "refrain" keeps me out of!

    Refrain, shut-up, restraint, bridle, withhold, keep silent, can I get a witness in the house?! My man doesn't need me telling him which route to drive, how to do something, when to do it, etc. And a big-BiG-BIGGY has been to delete the word "Why..." from my vocabulary. "Why are we going this way?" "Why didn't you...?" "Why is this ____ in here?" "Why can't you...?" Oh, the trouble "refrain" keeps me out of.

    Hugs and happy week, Roxy!


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