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Prayer Closet...

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Prayer Closet

We have such an amazing privilege as women,
And as believer's in Jesus Christ

We have been invited to a special place!
"Our Prayer Closet"

We are called to be living epistles;
This is where our lives should resemble a character that has substance.
It is the love that is shed abroad within our hearts.
A love and truth that change a heart...

I am ever so grateful for those who have prayed for me!
We have been given a great honor and privilege.
We can come along someone and pray for those who need
Strength or wisdom or provision!

We can be the one who God will use to lift a need to the Alpha And Omega.
He knows every need, but He desires to hear our prayers;
For ourselves and others.

I love to be just driving down the street and see a situation that
just leads me to pray!
Being sensitive and tender hearted to pray for the needs of others!

Our prayer closet can be an actual place where we can meet with the Lord!
our prayer closet can be in our car, and even in our daily living.

We must be ready to pray at all times!
Prayer and a quick decision is what these days require.
If you are praying, you are communicating with the one who
can help!

He may not answer in the way you think is best, but He alone
Knows the end from the beginning!
He is the only wise King!

We always will say to just trust Him;
But please remember He has asked for obedience also.

Are we living in a way that pleases Him?
Have you given your heart to Him?
Do you put Him first in your day?
Is the Holy Bible used for your resource for living?
Do you ask for wisdom to know the truth?

There are so many resources and books,
So many teaching what they believe to be true;
This can be dangerous!
Be wise as a serpent and gentle as a dove!

Let us look up!
Love will cover a multitude of sins!

I always ask the Lord keep me from deception.
May, I not believe everything that comes down the pike.
He has warned us there will be false doctrines;
If even an angel preaches any other Gospel.
Turn away from him!

At this critical hour in which we live, the Lord is calling His people apart to truly pray.
This world may be beginning to realize that the glitter and charisma,
And look at me ministries are beginning to fade!

The Lord has said the road to destruction is wide;
And we are called to walk the narrow road!

It is time to open the door to our prayer closet,
In some cases we need to open it wider in other cases,
We need to just open it!

We need to desire more;
Are you hungry for more quality time in prayer?
Or do we need to just begin a prayer life?
Are we even willing to pray?

"But you, when you pray, enter into your closet,
 and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret:
 and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly."
 Matthew 6:6

There Are No Shortcuts
Prayer is more than telling the Lord what we think He should do
 and all the wonderful things that would happen if only He would "do as we ask"
 Real prayer begins when we enter into such communion with Jesus,
 that the Holy Spirit can pray the will of the Father through us.

PRAYER means spending quality time with the Lord.
May we come to the understanding of the value of having
a set apart time of prayer and communion with Him.


  1. So thankful that I have the privilege of going directly to the throne of God to find grace and mercy to help me in my time of need.

  2. What a blessing your blog is Roxy. I'm so thankful I can go to Him anytime I need to:)

  3. Roxy, it hasn't been until very recen tly that I have given truly TOP priority on my prayer time, but now I do, especially at the beginning of the day. It is becoming so important to me now!
    Thanks for the encouragement.

  4. I read your comments to Diana's Happy Sunday and came over here for a visit. This post on prayer is beautiful and it touches my heart as it is something I believe is crucial in our relationship with the Lord.


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