Monday, September 8, 2014

Women Wearing Pants Everywhere...


Now, I am not trying to be contentious about this pants matter!
We may all want to cover up our behinds as we do show too
much backside!

This was just an observation, from my point of view.
(The Rear)

I guess this is the very first time I really stopped to notice how a woman
wearing pants, may look like they could be
 just showing too much to others!

I have stated before, I will wear slacks occasionally.
My point here was this 
These are occasions where a lady might wear something more Lady like.
A Church function!
(Special Occasions)
These might be considered to be an appropriate time too
wear a skirt or a dress!
(In My Opinion)

We can be so vain or more, focused on comfort that we can
forget about dressing in a feminine way, where only a dress or a skirt,
might be a better choice of clothing.

Why is it that some ladies will not ever wear a skirt or dress?

This is not a matter of legalism.
But rather maybe a dress code!

Years ago, it was considered rude not to dress in a proper way!
Dinner, Dates, Holidays, CHURCH...

Will we make a choice to help turn the tide;
Wear a skirt or dress and say NO to pants for just the sake of,
Keeping skirts and dresses the choice of clothing for ladies only.
As it stands it is the only thing we as women can do that we do not share
with Men or Boys...


  1. I do agree with you that we have forgotten that we are ladies ! The main problem that I have seen this summer is the extremely short shorts ( and I mean short ! ) It's saddens me that we have lost the art of dressing properly in public and that includes dressing like a lady and decently . As a mother of 2 girls (and a boy ) it grieves my heart to see these young women and women showing so much . It would truly be more lovely to see a young women wearing a knee length skirt or capri's with a flowy , beautiful top for men's eyes and also the other ladies as well . I am not ultra conservative but am appreciating more and more each day the sight of woman dressed as her gender , even if she is wearing pants . I try to compliment women dressing sweetly and modestly . I try to encourage women on my blog to Dress like Royalty . When was the last time you saw a princess dress slobby or unkempt ? Never !
    Author , this is a hard subject to tackle and you did well .
    Leticia at King Maker blog.

  2. Great post, worth considering. What would it be like if the men wore skirts? ha!ha! I'm wearing a navy polka-dot skirt right now. Today I ran errands and did chores at home. When I wear pants, I wear a VERY feminine top. I want to be spotted as a woman 50 feet away, :)

  3. About three years ago, my husband installed three long vertical mirrors for me in my sewing room. They were on hinges so I could get a good view of the back of my dresses when I wore them.

    Wow, I was shocked at my own appearance from behind wearing pants. Knowing I had a very good shape,I was fooled into thinking I looked ok in pants. Was totally blown away by the appearance. From that point on I stopped wearing jeans, pants, slacks and trousers. It was dresses and skirts from that point on.

    Strangely enough I found that even though I didn't change my demeanor around anyone, women were less intimidated by me, men were more courteous to me and children seemed friendlier. The clothes really do make the difference.

  4. Well, of course I agree with you on this subject. My husband wears the pants in our family :) And I can understand that not everyone sees that as a godly command, however, I think it very respectful to wear feminine clothing especially to church functions where we worship the One who created both male and female. Pants at church functions give a casual feel that our great and majestic God does not deserve... He deserves our best (not our most comfortable)... Thank you for sharing this on the Art of Home-Making Mondays!

  5. must know some strange-looking men. Point taken, though. There are times when a skirt or a dress-up pant might be the better way to go.

  6. What a good post. It has been so hard to see how ladies have started to dress for church and other places. I get so tired of hearing that its what is in your heart that counts when it comes to dress so they feel they can wear whatever they want and it doesn't matter how it looks.

    Thanks you so much for this post, what a blessing.


  7. I don't wear skirts all the time but I do when I go to church, bridal showers, etc. I was a leader in a Bible study and one time I was looking around the group of other leaders and many of them were in sweats, jeans, and t-shirts. All the women who lead singing in our church or give announcements always wear jeans and a t-shirt. This is sad to me. I know they all love Jesus and will go to heaven but I do miss the days when women dressed more feminine.

  8. I have also noticed that there is a greater respect and kindness from strangers when I dress in a more ladylike fashion!
    This is a hot topic, but as I travel and see so many more places in how they dress! The more I see the need for distinction in gender!
    I love to hear how others see this dilemma in our world of dress and appearance.

  9. I'm a total skirt and dress girl, here! They are sooooo much more comfy than jeans, which I do wear, too, of course. I don't think it matters what we wear, but we feel so much better about ourselves if our clothes are flattering. That doesn't cost a ton of money either. Hugs!

  10. Let's face it ladies -- most pants/jeans are extremely unflattering from behind. If you wear pants, pick a flattering pair and check your rear! I'm talking to myself here. To me, it's not "pants v. dresses," it's "unflattering versus looking nice."

  11. I am so glad you wrote this post Roxy! How often I think when did women become so careless in their appearance? When did it become fashionable to dress in a tank top and show your undergarments? Why do people attend a church service wearing the same clothes they work in the yard in? Children attend school in such skimpy clothing which is often inappropriate. I could go on and on. I am too old-fashioned and I think I like it that way! Good post!

  12. I remember the Glamour Magazine had the Do's and Don't section. The faces were blacked out so you couldn't see the faces of the bad and ridiculous outfits.
    Your first picture reminded me of that!
    If we could only see what the camera sees.
    I find that I'm wearing skirts more and more! I really feel so much feminine and better in them.

  13. We are on the same page Roxy! I sometimes wear jeans but always with a pretty flowing top. But mostly, I am a dress girl. I grew up in the UK and used to love going into Laura Ashley to browse their racks of feminine floral dresses. Today I am very fond of vintage dresses. I have a couple of authentic vintage dresses, my favourite is a cream, lined lace shift style dress with a high neckline and belted waist which I often wear with pearls. It's a very Audrey Hepburn style dress. When I wear my vintage dresses I am stopped on the street by strangers who tell me they love my dress and how lovely I look! It is very encouraging to receive such compliments and an opportunity to start a conversation with someone. My 17 year old daughter who shares my love of vintage style dresses and hats (we both love Edwardian era cloche hats!) has had the same experience. One older gentleman came up to her and told her how wonderful it was to see a young girl who dressed with such style like a lady. He was a local and told her had noticed her up town often - she stood out on the street for all the right reasons. These experiences drive home for me the fact that the world is watching us and what we wear can be a witness - a good witness or a poor witness. You don't see our female politicians or diplomats in frumpy or immodest clothes. They always dress smartly because they are representing their country. We are representing the King of Kings! I honestly believe many Christians forget this. The concept of 'Sunday best' is a dying one, except in certain countries - Samoa for example. We have some African families in our church and they are so smartly dressed for church. The mothers in their vibrant traditional dress and fathers in suits and ties and even the little boys wear suits!
    It's interesting that many secular institutions have dress codes. At Royal Ascot, home to the famous horse race which the Queen attends, there are rules for both men and women on appropriate attire and you can be asked to leave if you are not abiding by their rules. Harrods in London used to have a dress standard for shoppers. Even some of the pubs and clubs here have boards at the door with lists of what clothing is not allowed. For example, board shorts, singlets and flip flops (which go by the unfortunate name of thongs in Australia!) Can you just imagine it if that happened at church - a board at the door with a list of what you couldn't wear inside the building! Just seems ironic that some pubs and clubs have higher standards. Their dress code is not thought of as legalism and people just accept it.

  14. I just have to smile! How far things have come from the basic distinction between men and women. I wear skirts most of the time, but when I need to do a more "manly" job, I wear pants. It does change how other treat you, and it is a good example to others that you can't be mistaken for a man! :) Although pants with a very feminine top says a lot to!
    It just doesn't seem to be important to people these days? it's sad! Thank you for the wonderful post! :)

  15. I use to wear plaid or tiny flowered skirts. Some of them needed to be ironed. I like to iron and loved the feel of the fabric. I must have looked nice as every time I wore a skirt mom said I was trying to come on to men. She was a Christian. I just got tired of being hassled. After a while I gradually changed to pants. If I happen to need to do something like pick up a heavy box etc. there was no one to help me. And mercy heaven forbid my skirt flip up a bit.

  16. They look like women to me, women have curves and hips and bottoms... although I do agree that women need to wear skirts!

  17. I hardly ever wear pants but I find few people who feel like me, even at church. I love my church in most every way but one. It is a very casual church, as to be welcoming to all. I understand this idea and agree with it to a point, but it's been taken to the exteme of sloppiness or immodesty, often with the excuse of the extreme heat here. The thing that truly bothers me are the worship singers and their unbelievably tight skinny jeans. It is not just the backside that's the problem. These ladies who would never wear a low cut top, have jeans so tight around the crotch are that it's obscene. I know it must attract some mens' attention (and away from the worshipping!) in an inappropriate way. The ladies are all shapes and sizes, but they are bad on all of them. I don't understand why so many church-going women think jeans which show every bump underneath are "modest" outfits. A denim skirt would keep the same casual feel and take care of all the issues.

  18. Hello sweet friend! I certainly enjoyed my visit here this morning and appreciate what you had to say. I have noticed that there is no longer a desire for ladies to wear dresses to church and tend to wear jeans. The men also have "slacked off" with their attire and often wear a wrinkled, untucked shirt and shorts. I remember being taught to look my best for church even if my clothes were not new. No matter if our clothes are "old" it's proper to clean and iron the best that we have and going to church with a heart right with God is the most important thing.

    I will wear pants especially when I'm hiking in the woods with my husband or playing baseball with my son, but I find dresses/skirts to be more beautiful and feminine for church and special occasions.

    Anyway, I have rambled on long enough :) Thanks for this, dear friend!

  19. I'd say I wear skirts or dresses about 98% of the time because my husband prefers that, however, there are occasions that call for wearing pants. There's nothing like the comfort of my jeans so it's not a burden at all wearing them. Also, I always wear a dress to church although with a ladies' Bible study, we all wear what we're most comfortable in whether that may be a skirt, jeans or shorts depending on the weather. I guess I disagree that women look like men from behind because they have curves! Just try putting a man in a pair of women's pants and you'll see that they won't fit for that very reason (men are usually straight while women are curvy). The function may be the same but that's it Female pants are designed differently. Besides, for me, what most indicates whether a person is male or female is the length of their hair. I can't say that I appreciate a female with really short hair in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or plaid shirt because there have been times when I couldn't tell if they were male or female from behind. The same with a man who has long hair -- I've been fooled a couple times there as well.

  20. A friend posted your blog on Facebook yesterday and I was impressed by what I read. As a father of a beautiful young girl I am trying to instill in her the “ideal” if you will that it is okay to wear pants but if there is an opportunity to be a lady then she should be a lady.
    God has made her unique and she should embrace the way He created her!

    To many times girls of this generation seem to leave so very little up to the imagination. (On a side note… Leggings are not pants! They are tights with the feet cut off.) I have heard some say, “I dress this way for me not for anyone else.” I think there is more to it than that. Do they dress that way because they like the attention? I feel sorry for the girls who feel that they have to dress immodestly in order to be noticed.

    I (and men in general) have a lot more respect for a woman who dresses modestly then one who doesn’t. It takes women like you to lead the way for this up and coming generation. This world is awfully tough on them when it comes to this area.

    One evening during a teen bible study the topic came up about modesty and if it is okay for a man to look if a woman is showing it anyway. I told them, “Women… there are some things only the man you marry should see or touch” “Men… God has intended you to touch and see one woman and only after you are married.” May not have been the right thing, but it is what came out. It seemed to get the point across.

    It is a nasty web of lies we tell ourselves to justify our immodesty and immoral thoughts.

    I have a question for you… Is it okay for a man to thank a woman for dressing modestly? Or is it just creepy? There have been a few time I have wanted too, but I was afraid they might take it the wrong way. So, I just prayed that God will bless them for their choice.

  21. I was greatly interested to read all the comments to this post. Whatever we're "covered" in, is it BE-coming as a lady? Even the Queen of Sheba noticed how King Solomon's servants were DRESSED. There should be something distinct about how a Royal Heir of the King if kings.

    I remember hearing a commentary about Prince Charles, who could never wear his hair long, ratty jeans, hippy clothes during that movement, etc. He was not his own; he is the future king of England. His countryman look to him to make them proud to say they are his.

    We should dress as a reflection of lady-hood, "Lady Kelley" (like "Lady Diana"). If the Bible said something was a shame in the Old Testsment or in the New, I want no part of anything that's a shame. I want my lady-like actions to assist me in looking like a lady, too.

    Great post, Roxy!

  22. What I don't understand is women who say they have to wear pants for some activities. Why? We always wore skirts for every activity and just choose to watch how we sat and did things. In sixth grade our teacher asked us to wear pants for half a day. If your girls only guy class was in the afternoon then you wore a dress or skirt for the morning hours and then when you went home for lunch you changed into slacks.. or if morning gym you changed into skirt if gym was morning. That was the schools rule but we always played in skirts. For winter we wore another pair of tights on our legs and maybe another slip for warmth. Yes it is harder to do somethings in any skirt but just be carful and do it! :-) I am not saying no one should wear pants if they prefer them to do some activities but it is to required. Look at the old pictures. Were those women wearing slacks to work in the fields etc.? As little girls we did not wear shorts under our skirts. Maybe it would have been a good idea even then but we were instructed how to maneuver and not show anything. I sure do notice women in stores and on the street that dress ladylike. They stand out now a days! :) So pretty. We never went out of the house unless dressed properly and to go to town or visiting or church...why you dressed even nicer. It made the day extra special knowing you looked our best. Look at the pictures of little girls and women in earlier days. Do you see such sloppiness in how they dressed? Men too wore suit or sports jackets and ironed shirts. Even teens. Yes they wore old clothes to do car work etc but they cared too how they dressed in public. Look at the old movies. The father runs to button his shirt or get his jacket before answering th door. No undershirt hanging out or slacks down from the waist. Women and men kept their shirt or blouses tucked in. Well you get the idea. WE might not have had a huge wardrobe but we took care of it and dressed with care. We wanted to honor our God and our families too. Growing up learning to take care of your appearance lead to also learning to keep the appearance of your home, our church, the stores you visited etc neat. You would not take things out at home and not straighten or put them away later any more than you would do so other place you went. It was just a way of life. I look at the messy counters etc in stores after people leave them and wonder how they keep their own homes. :-) Sorry for going on and on. Sarah

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