Monday, September 22, 2014

You Have HOW Many Children...

Artist Jim Daly

YOU Have how many children?

You may have no children;
You may have only one child,
Or perhaps two or more...
Maybe 10 babies if you could afford!

We have all heard someone ask other women this very
Question, in this very way.
"You have how many children"
"What they're all yours?"
What were YOU thinking!

Very rude in so many matters concerning this question or response!

Some women have grieved over being infertile.
Others may have only been able to have one child.

Others have been blessed and love children and have had many.

We act like children are such a burden in this world!
Well, having children is a blessing!
God tells us this in His word!

I remember as a child, I loved and so wanted to be a part of
A really large family!
(And I was a child of a family of five)
I still think others that had more brothers or sisters were lucky!

The show the Waltons has always made me feel that same way,
That being a part of a large family was somehow very special!
Even as a child, I felt this way!
 A HOME where you are loved and cherished!
And there are enough of you to feel like a party is going on,
No matter what you are doing!
Someone to play or talk with at all times!

I just wanted to help us to be more aware of how we might voice,
Our responses to those women who may have many children.

Having children is a gift and we also must realize many families have
strong convictions in having children!

Others only want small families, or are unable to have children!

We are called to encourage all Mothers to their callings.

There will always be movements that come and go;
But the Lord has a desire to see us bring our children up in 
The ways of the Lord...

I was so happy to see so many large families come to
A Fall function at our home this last weekend!
It was a delight to see so many happy children running around!
We must say yes to life and to tender hearts!
You go Mommas!

Being a good Mother that Loves the Lord and teaches,
Her children right from wrong!
That is what will make a happy world!
And a Home that loves and cherishes each child,
"Is a woman of great worth!"


  1. Good Afternoon, Roxy!

    This was such a good and precious post! I am very blessed with 3 boys and I thank God everyday for each of them. What an honor it is to raise them and teach them in a Godly manner. I am so amazed at how all those mama's out there that have larger families. You all keep up your good works! Your children will thank you one day! You are all blessed!


  2. Well-written, my friend, and a good reminder to not be insenitive to ladies and mothers.

    May the Lord bless you! Hugs and love being sent your way!

  3. I know exactly how it hurts when others do not choose their words carefully. Because of the difficulties that my daughter and her husband have had, I now choose my words carefully when dealing with sensitive issues. She thinks that she will be a working mom. In her world most of the mom's stay home. Sometimes others look down their noses at the choice of one mother's call to work. We should not judge one another about disputable matters. To the Lord, he stands or falls is found in God's word. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Even though we only had four people looked at us like- "what were you thinking". Had my oldest son's twin survived we would have had five. xo Diana

  5. I think big families are such a sweet blessing. My sister has 5 of her own and 3 stepsons. My aunt has eight sons....all grown up with many of their own children now. I also have a friend who has never been blessed with a child although she very much wanted to be. This was a great post and a good reminder to be sensitive and thoughtful with their questions. Blessings and have a lovely week!

  6. You just talked about my daughter!
    She has four children and is letting the Lord decided how many she and her husband will have.
    She's a woman of worth!

  7. Well said, Roxy! I was blessed with two sons who are now all grown-up. And we moms really should stick together. Our work is hard and sometimes thankless. But it is work honored by the Lord. And so, we should try to support each other - and always be kind with our words.


  8. I can identify with this post Roxy being the mother of 7 children I have had heard all of these exclamations and more. Seven can be said with real emphasis and often people repeat it to me 'Seven? seven?' In my experience The clownish remarks such as 'Don't you guys have a television?' tend to come from Christians and some of the most positive, uplifting comments I have received about our family have come from strangers on the street but there again my children are polite and respectful and people do tend to notice this! They also observe how the children help me out when we are at the grocery store so a large family can be a very positive witness. So when the inevitable 'Are you Catholic?' is asked I can tell people we are Christians!

  9. Wonderful post, Roxy! Our words have the power to hurt or heal, and so many use them unwisely. My daughter has been on the negative receiving end too many times to count. She is a young mother with four children, ages 5 and under. I've been astonished at the hurtful comments people have made. The sad thing is, they don't hesitate to say them IN FRONT of the children. As if it doesn't matter that wee ones are hearing a strangers opinion on their parents choice to have more than two children. I'm never sure if it's the amount of children people object to, or the closeness in age. Thank you for reminding us that children are a blessing from the Lord; that we should encourage and build up young families, not tear them down.

  10. Happy mum of two :)

    This is such a sensitive topic and you have discussed it do well. Well said.

  11. I've seen this go both ways, either people being appalled at so many children or, sadly, a couple Christians who implied we were "limiting God" because we "only" had three. Truth is, I also lost seven babies and would have loved more. But I know the Lord is in charge. We should go back to good manners, which means not prying into people's personal lives or assuming things about their "choices."
    Children are such a huge blessing! Good post Roxy.

  12. How beautiful this is!
    As Deborah mentioned above: we humans often judge unfairly (well, this one does anyway…). We have 2 little girls and hope for a large family and am looking forward to the awkward comments if we are blessed thus. Yet, I've also see the heartache of families who desired and prayed for children (to start their family or add to it)… and the additional heartache of people assuming they chose their path.
    Thank you for your wise and sensitive words!

  13. Very true Roxy, children are indeed a blessing! Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  14. I have just found your blog & am really enjoying ready through your posts.
    I have heard those words said to my husband & I so many times & also the words 'we have had split families before'! We say they are all ours, all eight of them. I found your words so true & yes each child is such a blessing to be loves & cared for.
    I am so pleased I have found your blog.
    Fondly from England.

  15. Amen, Roxy! Your blog is so uplifting.

    I like to say, "Oh, what a beautiful family you have" to dad's and moms and grandparents, no matter how many children they have.


  16. Lovely post. I have one sister with thirteen children and another sister who has struggled with fertility all her life who has one daughter (now grown). I have six children myself, with no miscarriages. I am so blessed. In our circles, large families are the norm, and my sister with the one child has often been excluded from things that have included women with far larger families....they judge her for having only the one daughter. Nobody can imagine how she wanted more children and how many severe complicated health problems she's had all her life. They are very judgmental, just as the entire world is.....oh, well. :-)

  17. Thank you for reminding us to be sensitive to others. God chose to bless us with only one child--and we both would love more (my husband and I are from large families). We realize God has a plan with our small family as He has with larger families, too. And yet- comments and judgements can hurt. Blessings to you!!


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