Saturday, December 15, 2018

Making Memories In All Things...

Making Memories, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

What A Glorious Season...

I made this Christmas wreath last year at a huge florist store.
Everything to make this wreath was provided!
The choices were amazing!

I have found myself a bit nostalgic lately;
I miss my Mother, as she is not with us here, but in heaven
with her heavenly Father...

We do the best we can without the ones we love during
the most wonderful time of the year!

I feel that the world is just a kinder place during this season!

Making memories are so important; not just for the holidays.
But, rather making the time to celebrate Birthdays, and Anniversaries.

I am hoping that for I hosting and having Sunday dinners here will leave
A long lasting loving impression on my family!

Remember that making memories do not have to be expensive;
Making a family recipe for a holiday or birthday

Looking to improve in areas that leave a lasting impression!

If you need to give yourself a pep talk to push through;
That is perfectly normal!

My hope for writing this Blog was to encourage others!
To not give up doing their best to make their lives and homes,
A better place, filled with good memories and LOVE...

If we are not teachable or willing to learn new things;
And to NOT forget the Old Paths.
We will be left a little bit emptier!

If I say something to you that hurts you;
Think of it this way;
Just maybe, I have learned the exact lesson myself the hard way!

I desire to be the Queen of this little castle, but at times my crown
is a bit tarnish or covered in dust.
I also need a helping hand and words of encouragement!
Plod On Dear Ones...

May I try to be the kind of woman who can help straighten another woman's crown
 without telling the world that it was even a little crooked.
 As I can attest to the fact of my crown leaning so far over at times it almost fell off.

Christmas Memories, Living From Glory To Glory Blog...

May you all take the time to make memories,
And enjoy each and every occasion!

I want to thank you all for reading my Blog all these years!
I appreciate each and every one of you!

Living From Glory To Glory


  1. Merry Christmas, Roxy! You always have a gentle voice that is desperately needed. I appreciate your sage advice and wisdom.

  2. Applauding and standing up cheering you on!
    I also come here for you to straighten MY crown! And will continue to need it put back in place.

  3. Yes it is true, I think that the world is a nicer place in some ways around Christmas! People are thinking about giving and helping others. If only it could last longer than a short season! Always such a blessing to be home and I enjoy reading your blog and being encouraged. Blessings and hugs to you sweet friend :)

  4. Dear Roxy,
    A number of years ago I stopped reading blogs and felt directed to live my own life and not read about others' lives. Now that my homeschooling journey is completed and my children are grown and married - and now enjoy loving my daughter-in-laws and grandchildren, as well as my dear husband and sons - I looked back at some of the blogs I had read in the past out of curiosity to see how life was for those people. ANYWAY, at that time, I "stumbled" across your blog and have been coming back for each and every post. I only regularly read two blogs - yours and another. I should have commented long ago to let you know what a blessing your writings have been to me! Your blog - your life and exhortations - are a great encouragement to me! The truths you write resound deeply with me and my own believes about God, family, and home! Truly an encouragement to this maturing woman to adjust my crown as needed! (-: Thank you so much for sharing so genuinely and beautifully! May you and your family be blessed with a joyous Christmas celebrating our precious Saviour and making new memories!

    1. I wanted to respond to you Lois, Not sure if you will ever come back to read this comment. But I had to tell you how much your comment touched my heart. See I have been struggling as we all do at times. And your words encouraged me in a way it showed me God was not through with using me with this Blog to love and encourage others to be a influence in their homes. I can only truly say thank you for taking the time to bless me! Even my Hubby thanks you! Hugs...

  5. Merry Christmas Mrs. Roxy! I have been so blessed by everything you write. I pray you and your family have a safe and blessed Christmas :)


I really appreciate your comments! May they be kind and helpful to encourage my walk, and bless others as they read them. Thank-you!

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