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Puppy Training Part 2

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I was at a quiet field one day
and there happened to be a dog
show going on at the time.

I stayed to watch and was quite
impressed with the beautiful animals
that were being shown that day.

Part of the program included
a competition to show the
dogs' abilities in obedience to
the commands of the owners.

The pups were adorable as
they came frolicking and tumbling 
onto the field.

They were not very mature
and most had a difficult 
time responding to their 
masters wishes.

Especially adorable were the children
trying to get their own puppies
to sit, roll over, beg and follow.

At one point,
once the pup was actually
sitting and listening,
they were offered
temptations to ignore the
owners command to sit still,
such as a yummy treat placed 
away in front of them, or 
the judge calling to them
to leave the owners side.

The older dogs were even
enticed to run off by
little poppers going off around
them as they sat at their 
masters feet.

It was all quite entertaining,
and the dogs were trying their
best to listen to their owner's
wishes, but all in all, most
of the contestants weren't
having the best of luck 
getting their precious pups in line 

At one point an older gentleman and his
beautiful older dog came on the field.

He asked the dog to sit and stay.

He then removed the leash from his pet,
and walked across the large field behind 
a building and out of sight from his dog.

The dog never took its eyes off that building.

Treats were offered. .
she didn't flinch an eye
to look at them...
just kept her eye on that building.

Small firepoppers went off near her,
you could sense a bit of a
ruffle in her fur, but her eyes
remained focused on the building
where her master had disappeared.

Other tactics were taken to get the
dogs attention and obedience off her 
master, but it was to no avail,
she held her ground and kept
her eyes focused on the last
place she had seen her master.

At one point from where 
I was positioned I could see her
owner quietly step 
from behind the building.

He said nothing but just stood still.

The dog saw him too, every muscle 
in her body was alert to his presence,
but she stayed put just as he had told her.

Soon he lifted his hand, and without
saying a word crooked his finger in
a gesture for her to "come!"

Like a bolt of lightning she lit out
across the field as fast as her
feet could carry her to his side.

What a happy reunion!

Her delight at simply being
reunited with her owner was a joy,
and his pride in his dog and her 
beautiful obedience was quite evident.

The next day as I was driving on
the freeway, I was pondering what I 
had seen between the 
owner and the obedient dog . 

I wondered at the dogs
happiness with being owned and 
obeying a master.

As I drove I saw a dog lying on the side
of the road. It obviously had been 
struck by a vehicle and had died
along side the road.

I'm sure that dog had revelled in
his freedom from restraint and
ownership, and I thought about
the joy it sometimes feels to have
no one controlling what you do, especially 
when one is young and carefree.

At the same time I realized that 
while this dog had full freedom to
run wild and free,
it also had the burden of finding
warmth from the cold and the pressure
of seeking food to fill his empty belly,
plus the loneliness of having no
owner to care if you are well and nurtured.

So, while this dog was lying dead on
the road I thought about the well
trained dog I had seen at the dog show.

While she rested warm and full
in front of her master's fire in his 
home, loved and nurtured, but not
free to run wild, this other 
dog died alone
running free as the wind.

There's a truth here.

Jesus asks us why do you 
call Me Lord, when you don't obey Me ?

He said if anyone loves Him and obeys
Him, He and His Father will come
and live with that person and
they will make their home with that one 

Many today call Him Lord,
but no longer believe His words are meant for them to obey.

We as a culture, 
now reap the full 
harvest of our rebellion 
and wild freedom.

Broken homes.
Rampant drugs.
Murder daily.
Gross immorality.
Killing of innocent babies.
Hatred of parents.
Churches filled with false teaching.
Women dominating.
Men following.
Children rebelling.

We are now a nation
under the full wrath of God.

We have left His will.

Now we will have His fill of 
reaping what we have so
belligerently sown.

Our full harvest
is now ready to be brought in.

What a deep sorrow

It's a fearful thing
to fall into the Hands
of the Living God.

If you are a Christian,
and if your heart desires
to see good for your own
home and family,
it is time to repent of all
known sin, fall on
your knees and seek mercy
from the Lord.

No more compromise.

Jesus must be Lord of all.

Focus your eyes on your Master.

Seek to obey Him with
all your heart,
all your soul 
and all your might.

Pray without ceasing.

We serve a mighty God.

But He is ONLY God and Master
of those He can lead.

If you want to run free,
He will not stop you.

He gave you your terrible freedom.

But you will not be resting at
His fire and being fed by His
Hand as His full wrath comes
upon this evil country of rebellion.

God will not strive with man forever,
and the blood of millions of murdered
babies cry out for His vengeance.

That vengeance is here.

There is no politician or religious leader
who can save you or your family.

There is only One Name by which 
we can be saved. ...Jesus Christ.

He will cover your home
only if your heart and mind
are obedient to Him.

The hour is late.

Come out from among them!


  1. what is the exact name of theblog? i didn't find it.

    1. Hello Marianne, Her blog is called Aspire to live a quiet life, you can find it on my side bar!

  2. That was so beautifully written! Thanks for sharing this Mrs. Roxy :)

  3. Roxy, thank you so very much for this post. It is so sad how bad our nation has gotten.

  4. Thank you for sharing your friend, Mrs. C and her blog.
    It's always special to find a blog that glorifies God.

  5. Wow. Just WOW! You have been gifted by the Spirit, this is powerful! Thank you for this!

  6. Hi Roxy, indeed a great post written by a wise Lady and that wisdom is truly of God above Who along must get the glory in all things.
    May we in this year strive to walk worthy if the Name above all Names.
    I’m sorry I’ve been absent last year. It was a momentous year for me. Today I started a new blog as it has long been on y heart to share the Word more. I’m not sure which way the Lord will take me in this but I pray you might join me in also.
    It is called Wonderful words of Life”.
    If you could let others know too Roxy and help me be a blessing that would be grand.
    Prayer hugs and especially may the LORD bless you and those you love in 2019.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}
    {Wonderful Words Of Life - Shaz in Oz}


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