Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These Shoes Do Not Fit...

This blog post is for any of you ladies that were coming to Link Up!

There is a very important factor in life I have learned, it is this!
You need to be doing what you were created for...
If I want to go hiking or hunting or go on a safari excursion.
I would wear a pair of boots very similar to these.

Cute wee little shoes!
They look so comfortable, I want to wear them;
But they are way too small for me.
No matter how hard I try I cannot comfortably wear them.

These are way more my style!
Cute, classy...
But wait, I am leery of heights!
These are perfect for someone,
Just not for me...

Just can not find a pair of shoes that will fit my style and purpose here!

Okay the point of this Blog post is I am trying to explain that,
I have decided to not continue my Link Up Party!
(I hope you all did not think I was going to quit my Blog...)

I am a bit of sentimental at times;
But I have sought wise counsel concerning this matter,
I believe because of the style and nature of the Blog God has given me.
I must be open to be able to post and write as I feel the leading.

I desire to grow a heart of wisdom and to use my energy and gifting,
In a forum that better suits me and my Hubby!

I enjoy joining other parties and linking to them!
But I feel the thing I desired most is not happening for me
Having my own party.
So with this all said, I am free to write and bless as
The Holy Spirit leads me!

I want to thank Jan,
 who created an amazing cute Link Party button for me!
 (I did save it just in case)  :o)

We have a couple vacation trips planned this summer!
But I will be taking my computer...

Here is where my little toes feel the best fit right now!

Right next to my sweet Grand Child's...

Please know I need to be able to comment and to visit my
Girlfriends and enjoy reading their blogs!
I have missed being able to do that!

So thanks for all you amazing ladies who linked up with me!
And supported this little adventure.
But I can't take the heat, so I better turn the air conditioning on.

PS... I just may have a surprise Link Up's with a special theme!!
Only those that visit regularly will know about them.


White Lace and Promises said...

After my parents died, I kept having the recurring dream of trying to find shoes to fit. I think I finally figured out that God was telling me that I couldn't fit in someone else's shoes, mainly my Daddy's who I had tried to be like and please all my life. He was a great Preacher-man but his shoes won't fit me. I've got to find my own ministry. Thanks for sharing your heart as always.

Jan Tanis said...

Love your heartfelt messages. ♥

Stephanie said...

I love how you share what's on your heart, my friend :) Thank you for this post.

Also, link-up's with a special theme?? Sounds fun and interesting :)

Much love!

NanaDiana said...

I think it is great that you know you are NOT supposed to do something, Roxy! Sometimes the best we can do is walk away from something that is not a fit for us. I can't get into the linky party thing...I think it is fine for others but it is just not "my thing" so I don't do it.

Hope you have a wonderful June!!! xo Diana

Jo said...

Beautifully said. No point pushing yourself when it doesn't feel right:))

Anne Payne said...

You have to follow where the Lord wants you to go. Your faithful followers are here to support you all the way!

Sarah Coller said...

Hi Roxy! Hope you're having a beautiful day! The kids and I are meeting with a new homeschool group today for the first time since moving here to NW Arkansas. I'm excited!


Debby Ray said...

I admire you Roxy for your open heart and honesty. You are doing what God has put on your heart. You would have never known the upside and downside of creating a link-up if you would have never ventured out and done it! I can only imagine the responsibility and the amount of time it takes!
Blessings, sweet friend!

Laura Lane said...

The last photo is beautiful!

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