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Looking For Color In Every Day And The Majestic Cardinal...

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The Cardinal

This beautiful bird is one of my most favorite!
But sadly in this part of the country we do not have them.
When I was a child growing up we had them;
And even then I thought they were all dressed up for a party!

There is just such a lively and robust way about them!
I think they are always dressed for a festive holiday!
There just majestic and regal!
The King and Queen of the winter forest!

Because of my love of these birds I am now,
I am on the look out for some fabric with these bright red birds on them.
And maybe a picture or a bird figurine for the mantel.

It is interesting how one can become interested in many different things,
That may have never even crossed my path or radar before.
But I have taken a keen interest now!

Learning to broaden your horizon and interest is healthy and,
Keeps us young...

I always thought bird watching was silly or boring,
But I now think watching the birds and seeing the many
Splendors that God has created is eye opening!

We can become dull in noticing the little things, as we become
Bombarded with the big and loud!

These beautiful birds are so very cheery and bright!

I know this is the time of year we need to really look for;
Bright Spots in our days!
It is the time of year where the landscape becomes really brown 
All colors are gone and things can appear dreary.

I hope to travel soon and I will be on the look out for these lovely birds!

The color red is such a cheery color!
I always like to have a bit of red in most every room of my home!
Just a red flower a geranium just makes me smile.
A red rose says lovely to me!
A red frame around a picture just pops!

Why we need to keep an eye always opened;
Beauty and color is everywhere, we just have to look
More intently...

Lord, give me eyes to see all your beauty and to appreciate it!


  1. It is funny how I notice that I sort of go through phases of being interested in different things. In the last couple of years, birds have become my favorite animals. I particularly like owls and cardinals. I am lucky to have some outside my front window at the feeder. They were gone for months but now they are back! It is nice so enjoy all the beautiful things God created.

  2. Gorgeous cardinals. I have always enjoyed bird watching and had some feeders around the backyard for wintertime feeding. It made a huge mess though and Hubby wasn't thrilled. Thank you for a beautiful post.

  3. Roxy, I love the cardinal so much as well! We are blessed with such an abundance of them year round. Like you, I have also found myself more crazy about watching the birds than ever before. Does that mean we are getting old? Lol! Beautiful post, my friend :)

  4. I so agree Roxy...just look for the gifts everyday! I adore Cardinals...especially at Christmas! Have a lovely and Happy Valentines!

  5. Your Cardinals are so gorgeous !!!
    The time I spend here with you is so much precious to me, my darling Roxy !
    That's why there's a surpise for you at ~ My little old world ~, hope you'll enjoy it ..

    Sending so much dear, true love to you


  6. Well dear Roxy, I too have taken a greater interest in bird watching as well! I love having them visit right outside my window. I have not seen any cardinals here, but I keep hoping to see them! I do love the beautiful red of the cardinals too... and agree that adding a splash of color throughout the home brings such joy. A wonderful post to read today my friend! :)

  7. I love seeing cardinals, too, Roxy, and I've heard when you see one, it's a visit from heaven. Red is my favorite color!
    Happy Valentine's Day!!

  8. The cardinal is the state bird for Indiana and most of the states in this region. I love to see them against the snowy background. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  9. Cardinals are beautiful and I'm sad that we don't have them here. Its amazing how God created all these lovely birds to enjoy! And they all have purpose! I find myself watching the birds in the morning as I study the Word. We should look a little farther into the beauty that surrounds us... Spring is coming and the color will follow! ☺
    Enjoy your week! And thanks again for a lovely birthday!
    Hugs, Amy

  10. We are blessed with a number of pairs in our backyard, and I love to see all the males out on the snow-laden branches in the morning, so beautiful, and such a bright spot in the white and gray and brown.
    I agree, it keeps us young to stay interested in learning new things! xo Deborah

  11. What a beautiful post, Roxie, I am so blessed to have and photograph an abundance of cardinals here at the farm, and would love to be able send some your way, they are indeed one of God's beautiful creations! I pray as you travel that you will see many and photograph them!
    I so agree we need to keep our eyes open to the beauty and color from God our heavenly Father!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts so encouraging!


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